About the Lingerie Lesbian

You’ve heard of a lipstick lesbian? Well, I’m a lingerie lesbian and this is a blog to celebrate that. I have an unhealthy obsession with cute panties, corsets & garter belts, and I love to rant about femininity, sexuality and queerness and how all that fits in with lingerie. Enjoy.

My lingerie blog is full of reviews where I share my lingerie collection, posts about my love of lingerie and my ever-evolving lingerie philosophy (read my lingerie manifesto for more).

About me: I’m a 23-year-old girl who just graduated with a degree in English Lit and is now going to study fashion design at FIT. You can call me Caro. Want to contact me? Email me at lingerielesbian@gmail.com.

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  2. Love, love, love! I feel like we have been looking for you forever, and now you are found. You are exactly the kind of person we want involved with our brand. Cocktails next week?

  3. Hey there! Nice to find your blog! I also write about femme lesbian culture and work in fashion design. Here is my blog if you want to get in touch or check it out:)

  4. As I said earlier also a Cross Dresser, My top drawer is full of Beautyfull Lingerie from around the world, From Australia South Africa Japan USA etc, So adore the look and feel of Lingerie, BronwynCD.. x x

  5. Nov 10 2016—–Hello i,am george and i,am a crossdresser i have 2- dresser full of lingerie and my closet is full of women cloth and top and skirt blouse gowns and also pantyhose and stocking and garter-belt and boots and heels lots of pretty bras aand panties and wigs too i have it all…george mcvicker///

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