Lingerie Review: Passionata Double Je (Double Play) Triangle Bra


Passionata is a brand that I have had limited exposure to so far in my lingerie writing, but is one I think I will pay more attention to. Passionata is an unabashedly frilly brand, which definitely appeals to me, as I can never seem to get enough of pink and lace and general girliness. Size-wise, it boasts that it has styles that go up to a European H cup, which it equivalent to a UK FF.

The bra I tried is actually a bit of a unique shape for Passionata, a combination wired and triangle bra.The shape of the bra is a bit like a soft bra/bralette, but with a plunge wire sitting horizontally under the breasts, which offers the comfort of a light bralette with a little bit extra as far as support and shaping goes.


I was going through a size transition when I got this bra, which made the fit a wee bit more complicated to figure out, but it turned out perfectly in the end! I got the 34C, which I was afraid was going to turn out too small, but it was actually perfect. This is not the same size I am wearing in normal wired bras, which I think I should also point out, as I’m wearing most bras in the 34D-34DD range at present.

This shapes fits more like a bralettes, which is why it fits me so differently as far as size– I have a very shallow bust, so I wear bralettes a lot, usually wearing the equivalent to a size L, which suits me very well. It’s only when wires give me more projection that I tend to need bigger sizes– a strange conundrum. I think that this bra is generally more suited to people who don’t want a lot of support anyway, so I would go with your regular size, but allow that there is some wiggle room.


This bra is super duper comfortable to wear all day and will definitely be a go to bra for me on occasions when I don’t want to commit to a full underwire situation. I also love the look of this set. Two colors of pink and two types of layered lace add to the complexity of this bra and the pink is such a pretty color.

Where to get it:

This set was provided free for review by Passionata. All opinions my own.


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