It’s Cold as Heck So Let’s Focus on my Spring Lingerie Wishlist

OhhhLulu Pink ‘Doe’ Deer and Polka Dot Longline Bralette with Beige Champagne Lace $60

So, you may have heard me complain about it annoyingly on Twitter, but it’s extremely cold in NYC right now. So cold that I don’t ever want to remove enough clothing to put on cute lingerie (the horror!). So all I can hope is that one day there will come a time when the sun shines and birds sing and all of the beautiful pastel lingerie of the world will once again grace my body and I might go outside with one one sweater and coat on.

I am a sucker for anything cute, which means that the bralette above from OhhhLulu instantly leaped to the top of wishlist. How cute are the deer? How sweet is the lace? It makes me think of Bambi if the mom hadn’t died.

Aubade Bahia Demi Cup Underwire Bra Set $93

This gorgeous bra is from French brand Aubade which I always lust over because of their beautiful products, but am usually kept from my dreams by high prices. This set is not cheap, but for the amazing lace and gorgeous pattern, it’s not too bad and I can’t imagine anything better to go on vacation with.

Evgenia Night Garden Deco Tee – Wisteria $223.00

I got to see the Evgenia Spring/Summer collection in person at a recent pop-up shop in NYC and I fell in love with all of it. I could not resist buying one piece (I got the wisteria romper) but I still have room in my heart for more! I think this Tee is perfect to wear as an ‘innerwear as outerwear’ piece and I think that the floral print used on the neck is such an amazing detail.

Agent Provocateur Stone Bra $250 + Big Brief $250

Agent Provocateur isn’t always my go-to brand, but sometimes they make something extra special that I just can’t stop thinking of. I think the suspender knickers are the reason that this is a perfect set, but the bra is pretty gorgeous too. There is great juxtaposition of lace and solid fabric that really make this set stand out.

Karolina Laskowska Erika harness antique silk lace and sheer waspie corset £350

No, I don’t need another waspie corset in my collection, but when I saw this amazing Karolina Laskowska piece with antique silk lace, how could I not want it? I adore the sheerness of this piece and I think you would have to wear it against skin or a contrasting color to get full effect. I also think it would be incredibly fun to play with how the harness and garters could go with your outfit. So much to explore!

Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond Full Cup Bra $216.90

I got to try on this magical bra the other week and I just fell in love. What I love about Harlow & Fox is that they don’t skimp on any detail and every single seam is is smooth and silky and perfect. It feels like you are wearing a cloud!

Sugar Lace Lingerie Peach Dream Bralette $69

Sugar Lace Lingerie is a brand I don’t really know at all, but I am excited to give them a chance because this bra is so completely adorable! The vintage peach color is probably my favorite thing about it, especially when accented with the sweet blue bows.

Olivia Von Halle Alba Rita Pajama Set $450.00

One day, when I win the lottery, I will only wear Olivia Von Halle to bed. I mean, doesn’t that delicious silkiness just look amazing! The pale turquoise color and the delicate geometric print just add to the prettiness of these pajamas.

Maison Lejaby Guipure Underwire Bra $107

The extreme delicacy of this bra from Maison Lejaby is what I find irresistible about it. I just cannot tear my eyes away from the very intricate lace and the tiniest of strings that are holding together the center of the bra. I feel like when the weather gets warm is when you can really for for pieces that look so delicate it’s like you’re barely wearing clothes at all!

Naomi Lingerie Turquoise Blue Chiffon Sleep Boxer $40

This color is absolutely gorgeous on these sleep boxers from Naomi Lingerie and (even better) they look so soft and silky! Again, I am taken by the vintage-y peach color of the lace and the simple, wearable nature of this style.

Coerulea Bra and Brief set AUD $245

I actually find most of my lingerie through Tumblr, but I actually saw this one first on Pinterest! I am absolutely in love with that intricate blue lace which reminds me of a coral reef or waving fronds of seaweed. Definitely the right kind of mood to bring in the the warm weather spirit!

  1. Love all of these! I actually bought the sleep boxers for my best friend’s birthday last year and she loved them! She said they are are amazingly soft and comfortable.

  2. Thanks, these are all great choices. As someone who tends to gravitate towards silky garments I especially like the Harlow & Fox Eleanor bra, and am delighted to see it goes all the way to my size, and also the Naomi Lingerie boxer.
    As for he weather… Awhile ago I read that the Dutch, who first colonized the area that is now NYC, tried to lure people back home to make the move by telling them that the weather in New Amsterdam is nothing but an eternal spring…

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