8 Glittering Pieces of Lingerie to Make Your Hannukah Bright

Edge o’ Beyond Naomi Bra $222.00

My blogging might have been a bit sparse recently, but that doesn’t mean I want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with some gorgeous lingerie, as I usually do. Hannukah is a holiday that doesn’t get a lot of lingerie-related love, but I always feel that while dreidels and Maccabees and latkes don’t have a very strong lingerie connection, the idea of the menorah burning in the temple for 8 nights has a much more romantic feel to it. Here are 8 of my favorite pieces that will evoke that flickering, impossible miracle of the festival of lights. Enjoy!

The Edge o’ Beyond set above was the first piece that popped into my head because of the sparkling jewelry pieces that they incorporate with their designs. I love the delicate lace that looks like gold that has been slightly tarnished over time– I think it’s a perfect set to take a special, celebratory place in your lingerie collection.

Angela Friedman Lavinia Corset $495

I absolutely adore this silver and black corset from Angela Friedman and I basically think there are no situations in which this is not a necessary item. Her beautiful workmanship is unmatched and this piece is one that easily transitions between innerwear and outerwear, depending where you want to be fancy.

Nippies Bristol Six Gold Stella Nipple Covers $25

Sequined silver nipple covers are a little more out there than my previous two suggestions, but I think they are perfect for a little bit of holiday fun. Why not learn how to twirl some tassles, while also evoking the light burning on in the temple for 8 days?

Panache Clara Full Cup Bra $62

This Clara bra from Panache is one of my favorite bras they have ever done. The gold and black is an absolutely stunning combination and is appropriate for any of the possibly holiday celebrations you might have. I love the idea of a tiny bit of the gold peeking out with a scooped neckline, just to add that little bit of extra oomph.

Princesse Tam Tam Folie Shortie $92

Given that I described this list as ‘glittering,’ these Princesse Tam Tam boyshorts are a necessity. Now, I’m not saying that sequined knickers are a very practical choice, but life would be terribly dull if we were practical all the time. Sometimes we have to sparkle!

Chromat Chromed Bralette $595

Chromat’s Chromed Bralette literally has metal on it, which I think means it wins in the crossover between ‘lingerie’ and ‘armor that the Maccabees would have worn’, a difficult combination to achieve. I like that this piece is more of badass version of holiday spirit.

Agent Provocateur Zaharah Suspender $790

This Agent Provocateur set has an antique gold feeling to it that is so luxurious (matching its price tag!). I think the pairing of the gold and deep pink is a gorgeous combination that brings out the shimmer of the metallic perfectly.

Miss Crofton Sparkle Pants £20

To finish up, this pair of sparkly Miss Crofton knickers is perfect for any occasion, large or small. I love the delicate mesh and the tiny little sparkles that make this piece extra special while also being cute and wearable.

  1. Hannuka lingerie- what a refreshing concept! I like that armored bralette, and are there any Nippies that come in light blue and have six pointers instead of five?
    Oh, and you failed to mention the chocolate coins which may be somewhat of a far cry resemblance to Valentine’s, a day often commemorated with both chocolates and lingerie.

    Glad to see this blog is still alive, and Happy Holiday/s to you.

  2. My wife has for the past four years given me 8 pieces of lingerie for Hanuakah…..always looking forward to her selections

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