New Avocado Bra Review: Caprice, Jewel and Valerie


I did a review of some Avocado bras a few months ago and I was so happy when they contacted me again to try out some more styles. I had no idea what they were going to send me, so it was very exciting to open up the package and see these gorgeous pieces! I practically jumped up and down in excitement. All of the bras are in a size 75C (34C) and I will be comparing them to each other and the other Avocado bras that I own.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The name of this bra is so appropriate, as the colors almost glow when you look at them. I appreciate the boldness of the combination and I think it really works as a seasonless special occasion piece. The embroidery is lush and complex and looks amazingly luxurious and expensive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The best part is, this bra is insanely comfortable. I wore this bra ALL DAY at the lingerie tradeshow this season and I completely forgot I was wearing it, that is how perfect this bra is. The shape is the same as the H bra I have in the Caprice style, which is one I wear all the time.

As far as the shape of this bra, it does have quite a high gore and wings, as well as a lovely perky shape, but even though both of those things can bother me on bras on occasion, on this one it works perfectly. The ‘H’ shape works well for me because it’s quite contained rather than projected and one of the ones with the most coverage from Avocado.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Caprice is the ‘A’ shape and I believe I still find this shape to be not entirely ideal on me. As I’ve seen on other bloggers (such as Bras and Body Image) the ‘A’ shape works best on those with a very projected bust– I find I don’t usually fill out the whole cup properly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStyle-wise, this is a beautiful, understated bra that really fits in well with any lingerie collection. It’s not a knockout– but it’s exactly the kind of bra that you find yourself continuing to turn to to go with whatever you happen to be wearing on an everyday basis.

Valerie:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI saved the best for last, as this Valerie bra is secretly my favorite of the three here. Shooting this piece against white may not have been the greatest decision, but I hope you can see the beautiful arrangement of sheer white circles on the white lace cups, as well as the adorable mother of pearl button on the center gore.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is Avocado’s ‘K’ shape, with much less coverage than the ‘H’, for a little more of a balconette shape. This is also one of those bras that you forget you are wearing because it’s so comfortable, and it creates a really lovely projected shape under clothes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn comparison, the wires of the Valerie are shorter and slightly wider than of the Caprice and the Jewel has wires that are quite a bit longer than the Caprice (about 1.5 cm on mine). The wires of the Valerie are very slightly wider than that of the Kyoto (also an ‘A’ shape). Check out the pictures below for a comparison:




I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any Avocado bras?

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