Look Book: Introducing ‘Janay’ Lingerie

Janay-Intimate-Apparel-Front-Page-2I’m always eager to share look books from new and exciting brands, so please enjoy this introduction to Janay, a new brand from the UK serving core sizes (30-34 A-DD). These look book images definitely speak to my personal aesthetic: a modern reinvention of a vintage inspiration. I’m really drawn to Janay’s designs because of the relatively simple shapes that are still interesting and original, with a beautifully understated color palette.

Janay-Intimate-Apparel-Front-Page-3Dusky grey, pink and black are such a sophisticated color story that I think it’s a confident move for a new designer. I think the muted tones are absolutely lovely and really add to the tone of the collection.

Janay-Intimate-Apparel-Front-Page-4 There is a real originality in Janay’s designs, as each seems like a subtle riffsoff of the most traditional lingerie shapes while also being recognizably distinctive. Although I think the separate wire at the center gore might present comfort issues for some body types, I really love the architectural look.


The choice of lace in this collection is absolutely stunning and I think that definitely adds to the luxe look of the pieces. I am also impressed by the attention paid to the backs of all of the pieces to make sure it’s a design experience in the round.Janay-Intimate-Apparel-no12The three piece cup shape is the most traditional, but also looks like it would be the most comfortable, a real possibility for a fancy yet versatile every day bra. I think the cut out at the center gore is a really fun element.

Janay-Lingerie-About-1 The plain black and white pieces are another good addition for me because they celebrate bold shapes in a very paired down, minimalist way that definitely appeals to a certain type of consumer.Janay-Lingerie-About-2 This is particularly one to look at for readers in the 30A-30C size range because it can be underserved and there are really some gorgeous pieces here to suit smaller busts. Janay-Lingerie-About-3And finally… aren’t those suspenders just gorgeous?

What do you think of Janay? Are they a brand you are excited about?



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