Look Book: Felice Art Couture Fall/Winter ’14

_MG_1016I swear the dreamy goodness that is German brand Felice Art Couture just gets better and better every season. I adore the magical atmosphere in her pieces and the way she gets her lookbook just right to capture that feeling perfectly. There is an unabashed dedication to luxury and an attention to detail that weaves a lush fantasy of perfect leisure.


I am usually not one to go for beading, sequins or crystals, but Felice Art Couture uses them so well that they are one of my favorite parts. I love the contrast between the heavily embellished collar and the floaty, diaphanous body of this babydoll with its gorgous matching knickers.

_MG_0726I love the combination of easy caftan-esque shapes with all of the intricate beading detail. It seems perfect for any kind of fancy relaxation (the best kind) and a very easy fit for many body shapes.

_MG_0540I can’t say that I would ever wear these lovely yet ridiculous trousers, but I can imagine just the kind of elfin charm one would need to pull it off.


This cashmere romper is really and truly my favorite piece from the collection. This is the perfect piece for the holiday season, especially holiday bridal, and I am in love with the big v-neck.

_MG_0325This gorgeous velvet robe is a brilliant finish to this tailored collection and it has got to be one of the softest, coziest and sparkliest options available this fall. So start saving up!

Are you are in love with Felice Art Couture‘s aesthetic as I am?




  1. Thanks for posting this – it’s my first introduction to the brand. I agree with you about the cashmere romper – I’ll be dreaming about that now!! The photography is also gorgeous – almost looks like they painted over it the way they used to for portraits in the 70’s. I love it!

    • Yes, the photography is amazing! It’s by vivienne mok, one of my favorite lingerie photographers.

  2. The clothing is very nice, but it’s hard to get past the expressions on the models. Which has to be some of the most ridiculous ones I’ve ever seen. Good grief. And those stairs have gotta hurt.

  3. I went on the website, and I don’t see the “rediculous” pants!! I really want to order them, it’d be cool if each picture came with a link to them directly, and not just to the site.

    • Hi Breah! That’s because this collection is the coming Fall/Winter collection that will be available starting in September/October (FW 2014-15). I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear! I can only include links to the products when they are current or past seasons.

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