Core Size & Small Bust Lingerie Highlights for Fall/Winter 2014-15

It’s now become my habit after Lingerie Fashion Week, CurveNY and The Lingerie Collective to pick a few of my favorite fall collections to preview for you so you know what to look forward to next season (and maybe to ask your local retailers about!) I’ve covered two categories so far: my new discoveries and my favorite full bust picks. These are my choices for anything that doesn’t specifically fit into those two categories, so I’m mostly focusing on small busts and core sizes, but that doesn’t mean that some of these pieces wouldn’t still be suitable for curvier bodies.

Dottie’s Delights

Dottie’s Delights is one of my favorite collections to see each season because I adore her commitment to a playful fifties aesthetic while also reinventing them with her own special and luxurious twist. For Fall/Winter 2014-15, Dottie’s Delights has partnered with model and burlesque performer Miss Mosh to create a collaborative collection that is perfect for a vintage girl living in a modern world (especially one who likes things a little bit naughty!)

I am especially excited about this collection because of it really hits to the core of why Dottie’s Delights’ unique appeal. Although I love the more complex and embellished pieces Stephanie, the designer, has done in the past, this selection of pieces seems to contain pieces that all have a home in any lover of vintage lingerie’s collection.

Angela Friedman

Angela Friedman was another designer that worked with a muse thus season: the fantastic blogger Lindsay from That Je ne Sais Quoi. As in the Dottie’s Delights collection, this collaboration really benefits from the meeting of two complementary aesthetics, as Angela’s luxurious and feminine designs are tempered by Lindsay’s tailored, contemporary style.

A few of the stand out pieces that you should look forward to are the pink and black waspie and the gorgeous sheer bodysuit with lace inset. In many ways, this is the collection with the most appeal to a younger, more trendy audience, so I’m definitely hoping to see it stocked in some of my favorite boutiques.

Felice Art Couture

Felice Art Couture‘s pieces make me imagine a fantasy dreamland that I would love to escape to. I like how the designers sticks to a similar golden palette each season: each collection blends into the rest making up a growing family of beautiful designs that are the ultimate in luxury. The impeccable detailing in her collection cannot be fully explained in photographs– it’s not until you see the amazing textiles for yourself that you full understand their beauty.

One standout piece from the upcoming collection has got to be the cashmere romper. It is absolutely adorable and seems both comfortable and almost impossibly luxurious to lounge around in in the dead of winter.


Huit is one of my favorite brands to see every season because they produce lovely designs that still remain innovative and fresh every season. They’re also one of the brands that first got me interested in lingerie, so of course I have a soft spot.

There are a few pieces that especially stuck out to me. First and foremost: they have a bra with sleeves! Sleeves! I am 1100% on board for this and I think it’s adorable. I am also going to spend my time scheming about how the heck I could wear this in public (I’ll find a way, I promise). I also love the new version of the Idylle set, especially the amazing bodysuit. The dark red is such a beautiful color on anyone, I think it’s going to be an amazing holiday piece.

Shell Belle Couture

Shell Belle Couture is a brand I have long admired from afar, but never had a chance to see in person up until now. I only love the designs more now that I could see them up close and they are definitely going straight to the top of my bridal wishlist brands. You need to check out the gorgeous laces she uses on her pieces– they’re spectacular!


  1. You have picked such amazing collections for the feature! Dottie’s delights and Angela Friedman are definitely my favourites. So jealous for those people who got to work with them 😀

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Felice Art Couture! I love the fur bolero and have a 1920s dress it would be perfect with. Checking the site for something similar I saw the feather capelet from last fall and quickly tracked it down because I had to have it!

  3. Felice Art Couture is a dream that I never knew of. I took a look at their website and instantly fell in love with the Summer Breeze Kaftan in turquoise. So pretty. <3

  4. Wow you have such great taste! I just found your blog (I’m a bored 16 year old with a shopping, lingerie, and corset addiction). I love your writing. Keep it up :)
    Have you ever considered modeling?

    • Thank you so much! I certainly don’t consider myself much of a model– I’m really not the right size/shape/anything! I do like to show some photos to show products on a variety of body shapes however :).

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