Post-Mastectomy Bras and Lingerie: Style as Well as Substance

I was recently contacted by a reader who had a particular issue: she loved lingerie, but after her mastectomy was having a hard time finding pieces that flattered her and made her feel as amazing as she was. Given that I didn’t have much experience with mastectomies or post-mastectomy need, I have always hesitated to give advice on an issue that is so important to so many women.

Happily, by working with my reader and hearing about her needs and the concerns she had heard from her peers, I’ve compiled a list with some options for post-mastectomy lingerie that is beautiful rather than simply functional. I’ve split the categories into two groups: for prostheses and without protheses, so that I can capture the needs of both categories. The ‘Prostheses’ group includes lingerie made specifically for women who have had mastectomies and that allows for a prosthesis. The ‘Without Prostheses’ group mostly contains lingerie that is not specifically intended for women who have had mastectomies but accommodates those without reconstructed chests. Please enjoy this list and let me know what you think!

For Prostheses

Di Murini Rowena Red Bra £38.50

I loved this gorgeous set from Di Murini when I first saw it because of the beautiful materials, flattering shape and attention to detail. This bra includes special pockets to fit prostheses and a soothing lining of Aloe Vera infused cotton which sounds lovely. I am also so happy that this bra has a matching set of knickers and a suspender belt so that you can really show it off in a complete set. This bra also comes in black, pink and ivory if red isn’t your color and has a matching babydoll (that also includes pockets for prostheses).

Amoena Luana wire-free nuiset – Rose/Pink

Amoena is a brand whose name is already synonymous with post-mastectomy bras, but their venture into a prettier, sexier range is relatively recent. This pink camisole is one of my favorites– it’s simple, pretty, sophisticated and easy to wear.

Marlies Dekkers absinth green unwired padded care bra bra €69.95

Marlies Dekkers is a brand with a unique, strappy aesthetic that has spawned a whole new style of lingerie. Happily, they also have decided to expand their range to their ‘Care’ bras, specifically for women who have had mastectomies. I am especially excited about this brilliant green color (although it does come in black and white) because of the unique and festive feeling to it that stands out from the ‘usual’ post-surgery bras. Definitely a must-have for a sporty/sexy look.

Di Murini Rowena Ivory Pocketed Camisole £49

Another lovely choice from Di Murini, this camisole is a pretty perfect loungewear piece. The shape is simple and sophisticated, but the lace appliqué makes it both luxurious and unique. Happily, if you love this piece, there are matching PJ bottoms to complete the look.

Royce Caress Indulgence Champagne Velvet Post Surgery Bra $58

The muted color of this Royce bra is what sets it apart from its counterparts– pretty, yet subtle this is an everyday bra that makes you feel special from its little details, like the velvet bow and the all-over lace. It’s not the most original of all bras, but it is quite lovely and definitely a nice option to have.


This is more risky territory for me, as I am suggesting lingerie that is not specifically targeted to women who have undergone mastectomies, but is pieces that seem to me like they would be flattering.

Betty Blues Loungerie Tempest Babydoll £50.00

I adore this babydoll from Betty Blue’s Loungerie and I think it might do just the trick. I love the sheerness and the vintage look of the piece– I also think that the bow is super flattering to any chest. Plus, I am always in favor of dressing up like a present if you are feeling special.

Angela Friedman Charlize Slip $220.00

Angela Friedman is one of my favorite designers and I think that her pieces are some of the most attractive for flatter chests. This is not for the faint of heart– the lace is most definitely very revealing– but I love the peekaboo effect of beautiful, complicated lace on skin that I think highlights the body in the best possible way.

Between the Sheets Come Out & Play Babydoll $85

Between the Sheets is an excellent brand to choose for anyone for whom beauty is meaningless without comfort. They always have stylish and beautifully fitting pieces (especially this babydoll!) and every one is buttery soft and perfect for sleeping or lounging. The navy color combination is one of my favorites because I think it looks so sharp, but there are also plenty of other choices including some sweet pastels if that’s what you’re into. In fact, this brand as a whole has a website you should look into for comfy and flattering sleepwear, for all sorts of bodies.

Honey Cooler Handmade Cotillion Crop Top $80

This Honey Cooler Handmade top is simple and beautiful, easy to pair with any pair of white panties or even colored pajama bottoms. The criss cross detail at the front and the very slightly sheer mesh at the front are some of my favorite features that add a little bit of depth to the design.

NOE Undergarments Keyhole Midi Slip $240.00

This NOE Undergarments keyhole slip is strong and modern, making it one of the boldest on this list. For a certain type of woman, I think this is the perfect piece to show the beauty and power of her body in an unapologetic way.

Hips and Curves Sinfully Sweet Georgette Babydoll $39.95

For ladies looking specifically for plus size lingerie at a good price point, Hips and Curves is my go to spot, particularly because of sweet pieces like this georgette babydoll. The pink and red combination is fun and a little different (although all red is also available) and I love how it softly skins the body creating amazing flow and movement.

Honey Cooler Handmade Deco Camisole $200

This second piece from Honey Cooler Handmade has a completely different look than the first– sleeker, sexier and darker, this piece is beautifully Art Deco in feel. The bias cut silk leaves room for easy movement and the inset lace is an amazing detail with beautiful workmanship.

Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet $59

This Eberjey Bralet is made of brilliant stretch lace and is an easy, beautiful fit. I think the racerback really highlights the beauty of the lace against the skin. The front is quite opaque for a little more coverage. There are a ton of different colors, but this deep, greenish blue is my favorite.

Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit Babydoll $390

Agent Provocateur is a brand that is so closely associated with provocative luxury lingerie that I thought they really ought to get a mention here. The Birthday Suit Babydoll (shown above with the Birthday Suit playsuit) is such an easy, attractive shape for bodies who want a little bit of coverage and a lot of sex appeal (the shoulder straps can be shortened for more coverage also). This is not a cheap piece, but it’s got some undeniable ‘it’ factor going on.

Angela Friedman Pivoine Bralette $95

This Angela Friedman bralette is another one I have personally worn and can attest to as being extremely beautiful and comfortable. The gathers are again very flattering to a flat chest and create visual interest even in a relatively simple garment. The color is rich and unusual and it is lined with a black mesh which feels amazing on the skin, making this one of the wireless bras that I most often turn to.

Flora Nikrooz Powder Pleated Chemise $110.00

The delicate pleats of this slip by Flora Nikrooz are what first caught my eye, but I think that this is one of those pieces that gets more and more attractive the more you look at it. I love the little lace detail at the top and imagining the swishing of all those pleats makes this seem like a very fun garment to wear.

 What do you think? What would YOU like to see?

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    This is a family business located in California that offers different shapes and sizes, colors, with or without nipples, as well as accessories. You can also determine the depth of the scoop of the shape you’re getting.

    On a different subject… Caro, for some reason the latest emails notifying me of a new post in this blog don’t state “The Lingerie Lesbian” as the sender as they used to, but rather plain “”. Just want to alert you in case this is not your intention.

  2. As a fellow flat-chested, post-mastectomy (mouthful) woman, I say THANK YOU for sharing and shedding a bit of attention our way. These pieces are beautiful. I’m excited to check out the links and put something on my wish list!

  3. I’ve been looking for 11 years for anything that pretty to wear after my mastectomy! This is absolutely awesome! Thank you thank you!!

  4. Thank you! I’ve been wondering myself about nice options for post-mastectomy ladies.
    I think there is a difficulty when we have a single mastectomy though- my grandmother had one breast removed and didn’t get it reconstructed, so making the shape even requires even more finesse (she didn’t bother and uses newspaper wrapped in cloth).

  5. My mom had a double mastectomy and had a difficult time finding a feminine bra afterwards. Even though she had reconstructive surgery, the shape of her breasts were distorted. Wish this was around when she was alive. She would have loved this!

    • Thank you! I managed to spell ‘prosthetic’ right, but somehow I couldn’t handle ‘prosthesis’!

  6. So many woman are so misinformed regarding wearing prosthesis & wired/non wired bras. There are many gorgeous full cup bras that support a prosthesis so well without the pocket. Triumph romantic desire is one of those and so is fantasies belle full cup. Ladies who have had limpectomy, mastectomy or reconstruction can wear wires 6 months after surgery or after their soft scar tissue has healed up nicely. These pics are gorgeous however!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! That’s definitely information that women should know. As far as bras with wires, this ask was specifically for women who have not had reconstruction, so I’m not sure wired bras were really an option, but that’s really good information to know in any case.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this comment. I’m a bigender bio-male who’s been using breast forms for the past few years (see the first comment for this post). And while I can’t comment about scar tissue healing I can state with experience that I found breast forms to work with almost any ordinary bra out there- wired, soft cup, lined, unlined, silk, cotton- you name it.

      understand that my situation is different since I didn’t have to go through the trauma and pain of loosing body parts, but I’d say the most important things are regaining confidence, not be ashamed or afraid to try new things, and feel pretty as who you are regardless of what others may think

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