Look Book: She and Reverie Camp Versailles Collection

camp-versailles--1--meringue-sundress              I don’t usually put daywear on the blog, but She and Reverie is a brand that has mixed lingerie, loungewear and daywear so seamlessly that it seems like just a tiny jump to feature this look book on the blog.


camp-versailles--6--trianon-gardens-dressShe and Reverie consistently evokes a nostalgia for a forgotten or imaginary innocence. There is something so seductive about the softness and the simplicity of these fashions. The naming of this collection is amazingly accurate: ‘Camp Versailles’ hits on both the childish summers of ‘camp’ and the rococo extravagance of Versailles.



The attention to detail in this collection and the deft tone with which Quinne, the designer, creates these pieces just gets clearer and clearer each season. She’s great at making pieces that create a story around the wearer, like the ‘Summer Holiday’ skirt which summons up a whole story about two people exchanging postcards about their plucky adventures.


camp-versailles--10--sleepover-hooded-cardiganI also love the ‘Sleepover’ hooded cardigan with its unique badges. I love the way that it plays off the idea of merit badges with its own unique brand images. You can even buy the badges separately to add to any piece of clothing.



The She and Reverie look book images make it easy to image exactly the kind of person who fits these clothes perfectly. I can’t say 100% whether I am that person, but on some days I wish I was.




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