Look Book: Lascivious SS14

Lascivious_SS14_Look1_003colRv2 Lascivious is a brand that I’ve been a fan of since I first started this blog and I am so excited to share their Spring/Summer 2014 collection with you.


I adore the bold, unusual quality of the photos in this look book, as well as the original designs. In general, Lascivious has a knack for making creative designs that still maintain a level of wearability, which makes them an excellent luxury choice.


The introduction of a latex collaboration with William Wilde is a cool way to expand the breadth of the collection. I am glad to see the continuation of cut-outs in this collection in new and unexpected ways!

Lascivious_SS14_Look4_003colRThis set has all the characteristics of a future classic– I love the matching cut outs on the bra and briefs which definitely highlight the body beautifully. And black is a no-brainer in any season.Lascivious_SS14_Look6_001colRThis set has a sixties vibe to it, which matches with the general aesthetic of the photoshoot. The ice green for summer is an excellent choice and could even go well layered over a bikini.


This gorgeous and complicated basque is a statement piece of the new collection. I love the naughty and nice pairing of the delicate white lace with the dramatic cut-outs. Lascivious_SS14_Look8_004colRv2

This piece is a collaboration with Mexican designer Marika Vera, a favorite of mine. I’m so excited to see these two working together!

Lascivious_SS14_Look9_001colR Sometimes lingerie is great for including pieces that you’d never expect in your wardrobe: enter this lascivious strappy suspender that could actually be paired with almost any black set in your wardrobe to spice things up and keep them interesting.Lascivious_SS14_Look10_001colRv2Again, cut outs are a key design detail in this collection, something I especially love for small busts.  Lascivious_SS14_Look11_001colRI appreciate the introduction of girlier pieces, as I think it’s a fun new direction for the brand. The white lace is a simple yet gorgeous choice that can shine in the relatively simple longline bra.

Lascivious_SS14_Look12_001colRIn case you were wondering, Lascivious has these gorgeous heart shaped  gift boxes– they make me think of chocolate boxes, but have lingerie in them!  Lascivious_SS14_Look14_001RAnd, of course, a new version of Lascivious’ ouvert panty for the new collection! A fitting final look for this collection.

If you’re interested in this collection, I’ve seen some of it at Journelle as well as Lascivious so far. What do you think of their look?


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