My Small Bust Valentine’s Day Wishlist from Avariella

Gilda & Pearl Harlow Babydoll £189

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I always appreciate a store that caters to a niche audience and being a smaller-busted lady, Avariella is a pretty exciting addition to the lingerie scene. Avariella is not the kind of boutique that expects you to ‘compensate’ for anything, offering beautiful and luxurious products that celebrate your body exactly the way it is.

The babydoll above, from Gilda & Pearl, is a perfect example of this philosophy. With all the glamour of it’s namesake, the Harlow babydoll uses gold lace and luxurious blush silk to highlight the body underneath it, like icing on a cake.

Something Wicked Sofia Padded Soft Cup Bra £85

I love this set by Something Wicked because of its deceptive simplicity. The pieces are graphic and sporty in shape, but gets a luxurious edge when you notice the details like the pleating, bows and cut outs that makes this design uniquely beautiful. This is the perfect gift for the woman who wouldn’t see herself as a frilly, lingerie type of person, but still appreciate the luxury and beauty of lovely underthings.

Lascivious Kitty Cupless Bra £94

The Lascivious Kitty Cupless Bra is not for the faint of spirit– I mean, it’s pretty shameless (in the best possible way). Valentine’s Day isn’t really a day for subtlety is it? I really love the way the little sheer frills just barely cover your bust; it’s just about as cheeky as you could get.

Beautiful Bottoms Oriental Bird Short Robe £116

A short, sheer robe, like this bird print one from Beautiful Bottoms, is a must have in any lingerie wardrobe (and I really couldn’t think of a better gift). This robe manages to incorporate both laziness and elegance into a single garment, which is no mean feat.

Kriss Soonik Silvia Lace £57

The mixture of black lace and a black bows is an easy one to get behind: it just looks so stylish and put-together on this Kriss Soonik set. The choice of a large, square bow gives this set a slightly menswear/tuxedo vibe which I think definitely adds to its appeal. I see this as the type of everyday set that would add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your outfit.

Kriss Soonik Diana Wings Robe £179

This darling robe from Kriss Soonik is just the thing to survive the last few weeks of winter. The angel wing lace panels not only make you look look adorable, but also reflect your (obviously) angelic nature.

Do you have a favorite piece? What would you wear for Valentine’s Day?

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