Ruby Lingerie Count Fracula Campaign and Giveaway


I am so excited to share with you these new images from South African lingerie brand Ruby! Unlike many campaigns that focus only on the lingerie itself, this is a campaign with a message: Stop Fracking in South Africa.

Ruby-Fracking-2Here’s the designer’s statement:

Recently the final SA government approval was granted for Shell – and other foreign oil companies – to start the fracking process in the Karoo. Going by the effects of fracking in other parts of the world, we believe this could be opening a catastrophic Pandora’s box in our own backyard (one of the most pristine and environmentally sensitive parts of the country).

Besides the likelihood of permanently scarring the priceless environment, the more lethal risk of fracking lies in its potential for poisoning the drinking water for millions of people and animals, forever, in one of the most water-deprived regions on the continent.

To get our buy-in, and protect their interests, these organizations have been waging an extensive disinformation campaign that focuses on what a clean energy source it provides, how safe the process is, and how many jobs will be created. The problem is, there are major flaws in all these arguments, as has been shown elsewhere – time and time again.

To counter these slick messages from the oil companies, RUBY teamed up with photographer Gavin Goodman and copywriter, David Gimpel, to craft a series of images and ads that offer a slightly different narrative. (One not quite as Prozac-hued.)


Now to the giveaway details:

To help promote this heartfelt message, the designer of Ruby is willing to giveaway 8 lingerie sets to Lingerie Lesbian fans! That’s a lot of chances to win. There are 4 options below to enter the contest and increase your chances to win a set. You can also share this post on Tumblr to get another entry. Don’t forget– you have to share your thoughts on fracking and other environmental issues in the comments!

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To learn more about this issue, visit or Ruby’s homepage:


  1. Now this is incredible. When a company uses it’s power not only to make beautiful things, as RUBY does as well, but to contribute to make the world a better place to everyone around. I didn’t know about this particular issue, but with a quick google search you can clearly see how a lot of people say it’s dangerous and just the companies interested tell you it’s safe. I will keep an eye on the news, and hopefully people will get more and more aware of this kind of situation!

  2. Ok. That’s kind of brilliant. I like the idea of double function advertising and those images are beautiful.

  3. Incredibly inspiring, using advertising to speak out about such issues. Really commendable, especially when most fashion brands just go for pretty images, blank faces and with no messages at all.
    Fracking seems to be incredibly dangerous, and when there are so many other energy options becoming available, it seems stupid to go down this expensive, potentially catastrophic route. It seems like a distraction from the more viable, renewable energy solutions on offer.

  4. I really think this is amazing. I’ve been anti-fracking since I heard of its existence, and appreciate any relevant campaign that gets the message out to other people. This is an ad campaign… to sell a product and to champion a cause. It’s amazing that there are still people out there willing to do that.

  5. It’s so nice to see a company with a message like this, it adds so much more to the brand, and such an important cause that really needs more attention too. The images for the campaign are wonderful, as are the products themselves. I’m sold!

  6. It’s often hard to find a cause to back with a fashion brand that comes across as genuine, Ruby lingerie has done this as well as giving us beautiful editorial images to promote their lingerie too. Fracking terrifies me and if it takes a lingerie campaign to get more people to find out about this issue then so that’s fine by me.

  7. What an amazing way to spread a very important message. Fracking in general is one of the most harmful environmental issues that people need to know about, to think of it going even more worldwide is horrifying

  8. Facing exactly the same issue in the UK; how wonderful to find a company such as Ruby who speak out on important issues rather than just concentrating on how much money they can make – well done!

  9. What they’re trying to do is amazing, I really hope they succeed. Using advertising not just to sell your product, but also help a cause is wonderful.
    Here in Romania the government reacted violently to protests against fracking, I wish them much better luck than ours.

  10. I never would’ve thought lingerie could be used to bring awareness to fracking. It certainly got my attention

  11. What a great cause and a great company. It’s a shame that fracking exists, but it’s because of companies like Ruby that we can stop it.

  12. I just want to congratulate Ruby for speaking out in such a creative and powerful way. Fracking is NOT the way to go and we need to speak out against it.

  13. I love this approach- I personally see so many misinformation campaigns in the US on similar issues, and they always set up the false choice between jobs and protecting the environment. There are plenty of ways to produce jobs that don’t cause this kind of long-term harm, and it’s important to counter that kind of message with a more realistic one.

  14. It’s really great that Ruby is using their advertising power to reach people who likely haven’t heard about this issue. Up in Canada we are facing a very similar disinformation campaign from the giants regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline that has just be approved. These things are terrible and people should only be allowed to play chicken with the environment if a majority of those who would be affected agree to it and proper precautions are in place.

  15. I saw Ruby’s lingerie on Etsy, but did not realize that the company supported environmental issues. I wish more companies were like this.

  16. Kudos to them! We deal with some very shameful fracking where I live, and it’s always really uplifting to see people and companies speaking up against it!

  17. This is great. I think we really have to start voting with our money to advance the causes we believe in and to support brands that care about the environment. Love that Ruby is one of them! Oil and fracking is not the answer to our energy needs, we need to be investing in sustainable, renewable options.

  18. It’s certainly a unique approach to stopping fracking! Unfortunately, resource extraction is almost always destructive in terms of the local ecology, and the unknown/undisclosed chemicals used is a potential source of harm to human health as well. Mining is a major industry in my home state, and it has tragic impacts on ecological systems and families.

  19. We are also facing new fracking projects here in Australia- and though the local community has been protesting I don’t know if it will be enough to stop it from proceeding. However, Ruby’s campaign fills me with so much hope- that fracking can be stopped and that this campaign gets the attention it deserves in South Africa.

  20. I really like this idea of lingerie brands becoming critically engaged in environmental issues. Fracking is especially harmful and is becoming a globally discussed topic. Just today, in Canada (where I live), Newfoundland (one of the provinces) has officially banned fracking on the basis that it is not safe. It’s really dangerous not only to sensitive ecosystems, but to people and animals too! I love the fact that a lingerie brand is working to bring some public awareness because I think too often, we end up not fully understanding an issue and so, we walk right by it until it’s in our back yard and we have no say.

  21. It’s nice to see RUBY lingerie spreading awareness about the harmful effects of fracking on the environment with beautiful lingerie!

  22. Oh wow! I didn’t even know what “Fracking” was until I read this and then looked it up. I found this great website that explains what it is and the dangers:

    I definitely think we should be using more renewable energy sources and avoiding processes which can harm the environment… It’s nice to see RUBY lingerie standing up for something they believe in!

  23. This is inspiring…we live in a world where everything is connected so to see a lingerie company speak out against fracking marks a logical, yet unique stance hopefully to be followed by others.

  24. Wow. Well that’s something new. I don’t think I’ve ever seen lingerie used to promote a cause like that (if they do, it’s usually something women-related, e.g. breast cancer) and I think it’s a very interesting innovation. It is a bit worrying when governments get into bed with oil companies (although this is nothing new) when it comes to fracking. There’s quite a lot of debate going on in the UK about this too.

  25. Fracking is sick and twisted, especially when big oil companies dare to do it in other countries. The greed and ill will of people sometimes makes me be ashamed of being part of the human race..

  26. It makes me so angry that no one thinks about the long term effects of ripping the environment! They are trying to start fracking in England and I’ve signed every petition I can to stop it. It’s pretty cool that Ruby are trying to hilight this :)

  27. I’m very lucky that the only direct affect of fracking on me is lower natural gas prices. If I could opt out of benefitting from such a harmful practice, I would. Workers have gotten lung damage from the massive amounts of sand tossed around. Groundwater is polluted. Bedrock might be made less stable. It needs to stop!

  28. This is fantastic. Fracking is already unleashing untold horrors in Canada and the US–it’s awesome to see a company taking a stand against it, and moreover, against invasive transnational companies looking to plunder their natural resources. And while making beautiful lingerie to boot! Go Ruby!

  29. A really cool way of drawing attention to a major issue that’s become globally relevant. The disadvantages of fracking (potential water pollution, contribution to climate change, etc) far outweigh any possible benefits. At best it’s a short-term quasi-solution but we should instead be looking at solutions using renewable sources. I hope this company helps make a difference in South Africa, and similarly I hope fracking gets banned in the UK too.

  30. I love the idea of this! I live in PA where cracking has created a myriad of industrial horrors and anything that brings attention to its uglier side, especially something as well done as this, is great.

  31. I don’t know if it has directly affected my life, but fracking is a really dangerous practice that doesn’t do any favors for the environment. It’s so encouraging to see a company make taking a stand against it such a priority! Plus Ruby lingerie is so pretty!

  32. The way that fracking wastes and contaminates so much of our water is horrible and frustrating! With water shortages, droughts, and so on, it’s hard to understand why people think using water for fracking is even worth it. When I see a company that aligns with my own values, it makes me want to support them more. Plus, my girlfriend loves Ruby lingerie. 😛 Go Ruby!

  33. As a South African, fracking in the Karoo affects me personally. SA is known for its amazing natural beauty and diverse wildlife. It’s something we are taught about from a very young age and you would be hardpressed to find someone who hasn’t at one point or another visited the beautiful Karoo. The fact that fracking is happening at the expense of our wildlife is an absolute disgrace. I think only through information and action will we be able to combat this. Well done to Ruby for being environmentally conscious! Also love the Save our Seas campaign. Y’all rock!

  34. Great to see them supporting such a great cause with their campaign :) The things some people do to the earth is just downright horrible… :/

  35. If we’re going to be truly sustainable as a species (not to mention responsible with the environment) we need to develop and make more functional alternative resources and fuel sources. Fracking is irresponsible and deadly. Good for Ruby for using fashion to raise real awareness!

  36. I’ve loved this campaign since I first saw it on Ruby’s FB page. Fracking is an issue that seems to be emerging all over the world recently, including here in Australia. It almost seems as if governments are /trying/ to destroy as much natural beauty and you know.. drinking water as possible. People make me rather sad sometimes, but it is good to know that there are also people out there willing to fight the good fight.

  37. I have admired Ruby lingerie before, but never been inspired to purchase a set at that price point. With this new campaign against fracking, I am especially inspired by the metaphor of the beautiful black Ruby-!ingerie wearing Mother Earth. The white Dracula is just creepy–but also conveys the seduction of Western oil companies, the promises they make and sometimes don’t keep. The destruction they produce without full accountability.

  38. This is a very helpful campaign! Fracking can indeed no good to people and environment of Africa! I hope the authorities will understand its effects and listen to the campaigns against fracking.

  39. Wow, what a great idea for a campaign! I like to see brands taking on issues outside of the usual lingerie ones (not that body image isn’t important).

  40. I’m amazed by this campaign! It’s such an intelligent way to raise awareness. I’m in awe of brands honing up to social responsibility like this. (:

  41. Fracking has become a big issue in my hometown, where 2 mines have started up in the last 2 years, one is about a mile upwind from my moms house. Whenever I visit her, the sand in the air makes breathing more difficult and you can tell it’s affecting the health of the people in the neighborhood. As for creating jobs, at least in the U.S. the miners are very scummy nomads who are just looking for money to buy drugs and booze.
    Sorry about the rant, I just think it’s very cool a company is bringing awareness to the many issues created by fracking.

  42. It’s really wonderful to see this company stepping up to protest fracking. I have been a fan of RUBY’s lingerie since thelingerielesbian posted about them last February.
    Fracking endangers communities by polluting the groundwater and the atmosphere. To fracture the shale underground, fracking fluid is pumped into the well, but that results in toxic chemicals leaching out into nearby groundwater. These toxins can result in serious health issues for humans if the contaminated water is ingested. Furthermore, fracking is an inefficient way of drilling for gas, as each well can only be used 18 times, but permanently damages water systems.
    The way that RUBY is presenting the campaign to the global community is quite unique and empowering.

  43. As an environmental resource management student with a bit (bit more than a bit) of a lingerie obsession, it’s absolutely wonderful to see the two melded like this. The images, models and lingerie are gorgeous and arresting and the message is powerful. It’s wonderful to see a lingerie brand use its visibility to promote awareness of an important issue such as fracking, especially where it occurs in such a delicate area. Though an unconventional partnership, I wish more lingerie and fashion brands would be aware of such issues and try to use their influence positively.

  44. It’s hard for me to feel truly able to speak out against tracking and the oil industry as I live in a province that is supported by our oil reserves.. Even if I am benefited by oil in many ways I still feel strongly that the way in which oil is used and harvested needs to stop. Seeing the effects of oil production in my home province is devastating… I hope that soon we will have cleaner energy with which we can run our lives. Fracking truly devastates the natural environment and is just plain unjustifiable.

  45. I live in a city that has currently banned fracking, yay! But out beyond my city there’s a lot of it and the effects are staggering. It’s pretty dangerous and even though my city won’t have any fracking, the fracking going on outside of our city can still affect us, which is very scary.

  46. Wow Ruby! This campaign is amazing. These images are sensational. Say no to fracking, what a fantastic way of getting the message out there. I am so proud of you. Well done xxxx
    To the lingerie lesbian bravo to you too for showcasing Ruby and by doing so helping to spread the word to protect our beautiful planet.

  47. I live in Brighton, UK, and there’s been a lot of talking about fracking ’round here recently. Tbh I don’t know all that much about it, other than what’s been in the news, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea. If nothing else, exposure to the chemicals they use just doesn’t seem like it’ll be very healthy.

    It’s wonderful to see an ad campaign like this that might get people interested in the fracking debate who might otherwise ignore it.

  48. I think this is such a wonderful, powerful campaign!
    I’m against fracking. I believe even if you aren’t against fracking (for whatever bizarre reason) surely it’s easy to see that oil is non-renewable and therefore unsustainable.
    To cause so much devastation for a couple of hundred years more oil is illogical and unjust.
    The money, effort and time going into projects like the proposed fracking in SA would be better spent looking into renewable resources that can be used instead.

  49. I definitely appreciate this company’s efforts to stopping fracking. It’s a very interesting concept to tie lingerie with such a purpose. I’m sure fracking has impacted my life, even if I’m not aware of all of the ways in which it has, and I hope more people find the desire to be involved in environmental issues.

  50. I think fracking is terrible and dangerous.
    I am not directly affected by it though.
    Here in Germany it has recently been discussed although they don’t do it here (yet).

  51. I’ve started to look into what fracking is, having only had a vague idea of what’s been going on ’til recently. It shouldn’t be done- there are other options that would be safer and generate energy far more effectively.
    I love Ruby’s designs- an excellent way to increase awareness this, too.

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