It’s a Lingerie Menagerie! My Favorite Animal-Themed Underpants

Knickerocker Zebra face panties $36

It’s not uncommon for a lingerie line to talk about letting out your ‘animal instinct’– in fact it’s a bit of a cliché. I don’t know why it so often has to be about leopard print, snakeskin or other similar patterns– there are plenty of other animals who can make lingerie extra special!

Check out this zebra panty from Knickerocker: they’re completely adorable and extremely stripey. I think they would be sure to bring out whatever your zebra ‘instincts’ might be and might just make your day a little bit more exciting.

Worth the Wade Balconette Bra $39.99

Swans are another ignored animal– but look at them, aren’t they so beautiful and graceful? I think they are an excellent choice for a lingerie set and if you feel like Odette or Odile from Swan Lake, you might want to grab a pair from Modcloth.


FRKS Howling wolves panties $40

I love FRKS’s particular style and these gorgeous birds are an excellent example of their uniqueness. Far from the majestic swans, these little birds are a bit cuter and quirkier, in truly gorgeous colors.

Hosetights hand printed black reindeer tights $33.33

Perfect for the winter months, these tights are like having your own little sleigh-driving team. I think the yellow and black are a great color combination that can be worn with plenty of cute sweater dresses.

La Chaton Bottée top with cat shaped nipple pasties “bagheera collection” $48.69

I’m in love with this bizarre yet compelling sheer tank with little black cat nipple covers. I mean, I would never have thought of it myself, but it’s so fun! I would love to see someone style this in a crazy way.


Topshop has a tendency to make cute novelty undies, but I think these are some of the most adorable! I don’t care if it’s after Christmas: I think a pug in a Santa hat should always make you feel merry and bright.

Panache Lily Balconette Bra $48.05

The gorgeous parrots on this Cleo by Panache bra are quite a lovely pattern, in my opinion, and really stand out from the more ‘usual’ animal prints. The navy blue background is a great color for an everyday bra and i love the cute little yellow bows.

Strathcona Stockings Lost Leopard Printed Socks $36

Now, leopards are more in the category of expected animal prints, but these socks take it to a whole new level with the lions and cheetahs printed on them. These socks are not for the faint of heart or the sartorially reserved, that much is clear.

Naomi Lingerie Bear Silk Sleep Eye Mask $23.65

This bear eyemask is so sweet– the shape is reminiscent of a cartoon bear and the little red polka dots are a perfect touch. The best mask for hibernating!

Which is your favorite piece of animal lingerie? Any animals you wish were used more often?



    • If I could find the fox bra online I would include it! It is pretty magical. And Hello Kitty panties count for everything.

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