A Year in Life and Lingerie: Reflecting on 2013

Final Garment 2

It’s weird to look back on 2013, as this was a year I would never even imagined. In so many ways, my life has totally changed direction this year and made me realize that I truly have no idea what’s going to come going forward. Cheers to that!

The biggest change has been quitting my job in PR and going back to school to do fashion. It was a hard choice to make in many ways, because fashion is such a risky, non-lucrative business but right now I’m feeling pretty good about it– probably partly because I have no idea what the future will hold.


A big concern I had when starting school was that I just wasn’t creative enough. What I didn’t realize was how what I was going to learn just opened up my eyes so much more, in such a small amount of time. Happily, when I trusted my instincts, good things poured out and I’m pleased with what I’ve produced. I also got some very encouraging feedback from my professors, which is always heartening. Obviously, all I want to do is make things that are even better than what I’ve already done, but considering the short time I’ve been on this course, I think I’ve made decent strides.


This blog has also been a huge positive influence in my life this year. It’s been such a pleasure to hear from my readers, either through comments, emails or tweets. I’ve had several posts featured on Jezebel, which has also been an awesome opportunity to have many more people read my posts. I’ve also been to two seasons worth of trade shows, which is exhausting and amazing, because I get the pleasure of sharing all of the new season’s trends with you all and meet the designers I admire. I also opened my blog up to ads and sponsorships, which is part of making it an even bigger part of my life.


I’m proud of a lot of what I’ve written and done this year, but I’m not going to go back and rehash it all. Let’s just say, it’s been fun; and I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!


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