Lingerie Review: Miss Crofton Peppermint Perfection Bra and Panties

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’ve don’t think I’ve come across a more aptly named set of lingerie than Miss Crofton‘s ‘Peppermint Perfection.’ I am completely, totally 100% over the moon with how completely adorable this lingerie set is, going far beyond my expectations.

When independent boutique Devonshire Dolly reached out to me about trying out Miss Crofton, I was naturally extremely happy to, but it wasn’t until I saw that mint green mesh for myself that I understood exactly how lucky I was. The color combination in this set shows a great color sensibility, especially in the choice of pink for the bows– too pale and the whole thing could turn out insipid, rather than delightful. I also really like the very tiny ruffle of lace along the neckline– it’s just enough to make the set perfectly adorable without making the set as cutesy as Japanese lingerie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the sizes I chose (32C and M) to fit perfectly and I was delighted to find that although very soft to the touch, the mesh of the bra cups was strong enough to provide the minimum of support necessary for me to wear it during the day for my normal activities. This is definitely a very light bra, but on a day when underwires just aren’t working for me, this is an excellent choice for us small-busted people or anyone who doesn’t mind too much about having a lot of support. Plus, the color is very pretty against my paler than pale skin tone.


One thing I also want to add is how high quality I found this piece to be. It seems well put-together and sturdy, which is hugely important (and sometimes surprisingly rare) in a handmade product. I would highly recommend purchasing from Miss Crofton if you are looking for a delicate soft bra (or some perfectly precious undies). I’ll definitely think about getting more pairs as the summer approaches!

The Miss Crofton Peppermint Perfection bra and knickers provided for review by Devonshire Dolly. All opinions my own.