My Holiday Corset Wishlist

Karolina Laskowska Ume waspie corset £295

The longer I blog about lingerie, the more I get interested in corsetry. Corsets are a serious investment, which makes it hard to decide which exactly the right one is, but I’ve picked out the fantasy corset collection that I want to indulge in this season.

The Karolina Laskowska Ume waspie corset is simple, but really showcases the amazing vintage kimono fabric in her collection. I love how easy it would be to wear with black or pink dresses.

Angela Friedman Orchis Corset  $490

 Angela Friedman makes such exquisite corsets that it would be remiss of me not to include her beautiful black and purple ‘Orchid’ corset. This is such a sophisticated piece, it could certain be a wardrobe stalwart.

V Couture Overbust Tulle Corset – Nyx $555.63

I adore sheer corsets, and a sheer corset covered with lace is like a dream come true. This tulle corset by V Couture is a beautiful and delicate creation that would be a fantastic addition to any collection.

Meschantes Dragon Tattoo Overbust Thunder Corset $169

I’m in love with both the shape and the print of this Meschantes corset. I’m not usually into ‘tattoo’ inspired designs, but this one seems so intricate, it draws me to it anyway.

What Katie Did Laurie Corset $275

I’ve been obsessed with the What Katie Did Laurie corset since I tried it on when I visited the boutique in London and I still really want one. It’s simple, but beautiful and makes a great shape.

Pop Antique Sweater Corset $250+

It’s rare to see a corset that’s completely innovative, so when I saw this Pop Antique Sweater Corset, I immediately fell in love with the unusual concept. The look of the chunky knit is so sculptural, I would really love to wear one in the winter.

Totally Waisted Victorian Overbust Reproduction $950

This corset by Totally Waisted looks so very Victorian in its shape and color palette, it’s the opposite to the previous corset and so makes a perfect balance. I adore the beautiful lace and the soft baby blue color that makes it look like it belongs to a previous time.

Royal Black Couture Corset “Holly Gold”, price: from 769 €

I’ve admired Royal Black’s corsetry for a while now, but this is the first corset that I NEED to have one day. The black and gold is such a luxe combination and the three dimensional holly on the hip is stunning.

Sparklewren Limited Edition Sheer Cincher $753

I’ve had this Sparklewren sheer cincher on my wishlist for a while now, but my love has not dimmed over time. I think the gold lace appliqué is so beautiful, especially on the sheer black fabric that shows a hint of skin underneath.

Do you have a favorite? Are there any corsets I should have included on this list?






  1. One of my favorite corset sites is Orchard Corset. I just love there Satin Over Bust corset. It comes in several color choices. Every weekend they have a drawing for a chance to win a free corset.

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