Want of the Week: Huit Opus Bra and Knicker Set

Huit OpusSometimes appreciation for a certain lingerie set doesn’t hit you right away: it takes the right time & the right frame of mind to let you fall in love with it. The design is sublte rather than flashy, a quality that means it is easy to overlook at first. Once you do focus on it though, its wonderful qualities just become clearer and clearer. And it must have been the fourth or fifth time I saw this Huit Opus full cup bra and high waisted panty that I truly fell in love with it.

HUIT Opus Full Cup Bra $64.00

The rich, mulberry color of this Huit set is truly sophisticated and all of the details of the bra are extremely well proportioned. The seamless, full cup construction makes it easy to wear in an everyday situation and the woven stripes add a slightly ‘menswear’ feel to it. I have yet to try this bra, but it looks like it’s extremely comfortable.

HUIT Opus Panties $48.00

My love for high-waisted knickers has only grown since I started blogging about lingerie and this is a really charming example. I love the striped center panel in contrast to the seaming of the elastic on the front. That looks comfortable, sexy and classic, in the best way.

Size Range: 32B- 38DD

What do you think? Would you put this on your wishlist?

[Set available here]

    • Those are definitely gorgeous collections! I love a little bit of sportiness in with my lingerie though :)

  1. I just got this set in the mail today, with both the high waist and low waist briefs (along with a few other gorgeous things from Huit). Yet to wear them all day, but the quality is beautiful and they feel super comfy on. You can only just see it in the pictures, but the strap and the bow are both a fully opaque fabric with diamond shape quilting, which is a neat detail.

    Size wise, the briefs seem tts (I took a medium, which is my usual Australian 12), but the cups in the bra are a teensy bit large on me- I got a 34D and theres a bit of room in the top, I think it might be because the cups go so high- I have a 34D in the Broadway soft cup and its a great fit. The cups are definitely full coverage up the chest, almost showing through a scoop neck t-shirt, and they do nothing to prevent nipple show-through under a t-shirt.

    I also got the icone bodysuit, and it is incredibly beautiful and sexy, plus what I didn’t know when I ordered it is that it has really subtle snaps at the crotch, so you don’t have to wrestle the entire thing off just to go to the bathroom. Total Huit convert!

    • Thank you, that’s very helpful! I’ll definitely keep a look out when it comes to sizing for the the full cups. And, yes, the bodysuits are amazing!

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