My Best Everyday Lingerie: The 5 Bra and Knicker Sets I Couldn’t Live Without

I always, always, always want more lingerie (it’s a curse, I know). But when I read this post on Sweet Nothings about how it’s okay to have a reliable favorite bra, it made me think about which bras I turn to day in and day out. As much as I love to wear my whole collection, there are a few that get that extra amount of wear.

Now, I know that my ‘everyday’ bra choices are different than lots of other people’s– but I thought it would be fun to give you guys a peek inside my lingerie drawer and see what I’m really wearing, even after the novelty of a bra wears off and you start to test its true comfort. These are my winter selections, I should add– in the summer I have slightly different preferences!



Honestly, I didn’t necessarily expect this bra to go into my regular rotation when I bought it as I was in a phase of preferring sheer bras to lined ones and the color is quite bubbly and bright. However, I find the cotton lining and the wide wires so incredibly comfortable that it’s one of the first bras I toss on when I want something cozy to wear all day.

This set is available from Bradelis.


Avocado Soir de Paris Set

My Avocado bra is a new addition to my bra collection but it is really making its mark. I wear it almost once a week, not only because it is extremely comfortable and beautiful, but also because I am in love with the shaping power of the matching briefs. Even though it seems delicate, this set is made of quite hearty materials, so I never have to wonder whether I’m wearing it too much.

This set is available from Avocado.

Agent Provocateur


Agent Provocateur is not a name usually associated with ‘basics,’ but I’ve found that they are a perfect fit for my boob shape. All of the Agent Provocateur bras that I have are made of delicate lace and mesh, but they have stood up well over time and I am constantly turning to them if I want something a little bit special to wear on a daily basis. I think that I might decide to try a slightly larger cup next time because I’ve had a very slight size change, but they are holding up well for now.

This bra is available from Agent Provocateur.



My molded cup bra from Chantelle isn’t perfect– but it’s necessary. There is a really high comfort level from the truly wonderful memory foam cups. I think the lace band is extremely pretty– but it stretches out quickly and isn’t very supportive. Despite that drawback, I wear this bra all the time because it becomes completely invisible under anything I wear.

You can buy this Chantelle set from Journelle.

Mimi Holliday

Mimi Holliday Frappe Bra and Boyshort 2

I have an unfortunate problem: I have grown out of my Mimi Holliday bras! It’s a tribute to their comfort that although the cup runneth over, I still wear them all the time. The fact that it’s a little too small means that it can create a little bit of a ridge under clothing, but in the chilly weather and thick sweaters that I’ve been wearing lately, it’s not that big of a deal. I am hoping that I may be able to treat myself to some new Mimi Holliday that fits right one of these days!

There are similar Mimi Holliday bras available from Journelle.

So that’s all for my most wearable bras right now– do you have a few reliable darlings you always turn to?

  1. Love the Avacado— I am definitely going to try them out! My all time favorite go-to brand is Fortnight. Stylish and super supportive/comfortable! I have one Mimi bra that is also very comfy, but the straps aren’t as hearty as I need for my most comfiest of days (which are most everyday as a grad student/babysitter). Yay for comfy, pretty underthings!

  2. Loved this post! I may have to do something similar sometime :) I would love to hear every blogger’s go to bras to be honest, I just find it fascinating to see someone’s everyday preferences.

    • Ahhh, thank you! I would totally love other bloggers jumping on this bandwagon– I love the peek into other people’s drawers & it really says something if a bra makes a more long term impression than on a first review.

  3. These are gorgeous! I especially love the Avocado set. What type of underwear is that? I noticed they have quite a few options, but I love that high-waisted look.

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