My New Corset Obsession: Charlotte Raine Corsetry

Charlotte Raine ‘Beth’ Stays

Sometimes I come across something on Tumblr that stops me in my tracks: Charlotte Raine’s corsets were exactly that. I’m not sure how this collection could make me any happier, because I love both the range of historical influences and the delicious pastel colors that remind me of fancy French pastries. The fact that this shoot is so perfectly styled is just the icing on the cake!

Many corsetières prefer to focus on Victorian era corsets and later, as those are really the styles that we know as the ‘corset’– previous incarnations should properly be called ‘stays’ (as Charlotte Raine categorizes them)– but I appreciate how she has embraced so many different silhouettes. The ‘Beth’ stays above are Tudor stays based on mid-late 16th Century designs, but are given a sweet update with the pale greeny-turquoise color that makes it seem more appropriate for a fairy princess than a historical reproduction.

Charlotte Raine 'Henrietta' Corset

Charlotte Raine ‘Henrietta’ Stays

The Henrietta stays are Stuart stays based on 1600-1630 designs and I am in love with the appropriately military styling for an English Civil War era design. The lacing on the front of the stays is such a gorgeous detail, I *might* have to admit that this is my favorite one! But I hope you can see that the competition is tough.

Charlotte Raine ‘Antoinette’ Stays

These delightful, pink ‘Antoinette’ stays are so cute it’s hard to tear my eyes away. They are based on mid-late eighteenth century designs and the name is clearly a nod to the luxurious lifestyle of Marie Antoinette herself. I would love to wear this corset with a robin’s egg blue petticoat and flounce about at a tea party (that is what I want to do most of the time).

Charlotte Raine ‘Scarlet’ Corset

The Scarlet corset is a Mid-Victorian corset based on a 1860s design & I’m guessing that the Scarlet referred to might be ‘O’ Hara.’ I find yellow to be a difficult color sometimes, but it really looks perfect when coordinated with the pale pink and those matching stockings are a wonderful touch.

Charlotte Raine ‘Belle’ Corset

Belle is plain, yet lovely with an 1880’s style shape. I think the styling of this photo really lets the simplicity of the corset shine! I want that adorable baby sewing machine, also.

Charlotte Raine ‘Camille’ corset

The Camille corset is an early 1900’s-style model in the most delicious raspberry color I’ve ever seen. I love the unlikely color combination with this silhouette– the whole thing is stunning!

Each of these corsets seems like some sort of delicate confection and the coloring just reinforces that idea. I wish Charlotte Raine was based somewhere a little closer to me so that I could see these gorgeous corsets in person! Do you love them as much as I do?

  1. AHHHHH LURVE. They are so cute, which isn’t an adjective I usually apply to corsets, and they are also just so straight-up PRETTY. The colors are perfection. I adore the Antoinette, and I feel like if I had one I’d just want to wear it all the damned time.

  2. Love all these corsets elegant and look beautifully made. The French knickers as well where are they from. So so so cute.

  3. Love them all especially the Henrietta stays and the wonderful raspberry Camille! More to add to my ‘I need this to make my life complete’ list!! :-)

  4. A great find as others have already mentioned, and the ‘Antoinette’ Stays picture is an absolute piece of art. I love how those hands are sticking out of nowhere, doing all kinds of things.
    The bottom parts remind me of the underwear that Sugar kitty does, or at least uses to do, as I’m not sure where we stand on all this since she announced her “sort of retirement”.

  5. I’m fortunate to own one of Charlotte’s corsets – Belle – in black. She made it for me as part of my costume for my Queen Victoria impersonation (she made all of my costume!). It is wonderfully comfortable. You can see me in it here
    As for the bloomers in the pictures above – I think Charlotte made those too.

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