Lingerie Review and Giveaway: Sweet Pins Seamed Stockings


When Lidia of Sweet Pins boutique contacted me about reviewing their new seamed stockings, I knew that the answer was, ‘Absolutely.’ Stockings with a tiny bow right below the welt? It’s like she read my mind. The second I put them on and rolled them up my leg, I felt transformed into a film noir detective, ready to take on the world (you may sense a theme to the photographs).


Then I got the opportunity to try them and I liked them so much that I knew it would be selfish to keep this cuteness all to myself. So, if you stick around to the end of this review, you’ll discover how YOU can win two sets of your own stockings.


One thing I should mention is that these stockings are not traditional fully-fashioned stockings– they do included stretch. Some people are pure traditionalist in this area and that’s great, but I personally much, much prefer to wear stockings that contain stretch and that I can wear around all day with perfect comfort.


Honestly, these are some of the most perfect stockings I’ve owned. There is just the right amount of stretch in them to keep them hugging the leg and the design detail of the seam and bow are delightful. I wore them around for a whole evening with 6-strap suspender belt from StockingsHQ (which I will be reviewing for you soon) and I didn’t have to think about or adjust them once.


I tried both the black and the beige colors of the stockings and they were both lovely. I wore the smallest size, 1/2, which makes sense because I’m relatively short (5’3″). They have two other sizes, 3/4, which is tall/extra tall and 5, which is specifically for plus size women.


The Giveaway

So, do you want to win your own pair of Sweet Pins stockings? Sweet Pins has sent us four pairs of these fabulous stockings to give away to two lucky readers. Here’s what you need to do to enter the draw:

1. Required entry is to write a comment with the introduction to a film noir inspired story (100 words max). Your main characters are daring detective and a pair of Sweet Pins stockings! I will pick a winner at random & you can earn extra entries by liking, following and tweeting about the giveaway. Enter through the Rafflecopter below!

2. The best story in the comments will also win two pairs of stockings. Make them fun!


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Stockings provided for review by Sweet Pins. All opinions my own.

  1. She’s the type of dame you expect to see walking into an office like this one with her tale of woe and her gams from here to the floor, not sitting behind the desk with an easy confidence that speaks to years of experience; the cant of her ruby red lips saying she already knows something you don’t.
    Her eyes are are intelligent and a little bit hard, her manner of speech straightforward. Nothing coy about her, except the hint of a bow at the back of her thigh as she shifts to cross her legs, intently listening to /my/ tale of woe.
    She’ll take my case, she says, on one condition…

    (this was fun!)

  2. It was a dark and stormy night, but that was nothing new. Every night around here is dark and stormy. Lighting, wind: the whole deal. A pair of legs walked into my favorite dive and every head in the place turned to follow them. It’s not every day that you see a pair of legs wandering around by themselves, even in this town. I focused on my bourbon and prayed to whatever perverse god that might be listening that they’d walk on by, but no luck. They hopped up on the bar stool next to me and crossed themselves pointedly in my direction. It was going to be a long night. Zombie cases were the worst.

  3. My first breath was sudden, the kind of sucking in air that one does when breaking the surface after being submerged in the sea. Grey morning light turned my office in an uncoloured photograph that fuzzed out at the edges as I came to. I wondered blearily why I had not gone home last night until remembering there was no home to go back to, least not ‘til she stopped being mad at me. Sighing, I retrieved a clean enough pair of stockings from my desk, and had them halfway up when the door flew open and in walked Trouble.My first breath was sudden, the kind of sucking in air that one does when breaking the surface after being submerged in the sea. Grey morning light turned my office in an uncoloured photograph that fuzzed out at the edges as I came to. I wondered blearily why I had not gone home last night until remembering there was no home to go back to, least not ‘til she stopped being mad at me. Sighing, I retrieved a clean enough pair of stockings from my desk, and had them halfway up when the door flew open and in walked Trouble.

  4. She walked into my life the way a bird flies in the sky–effortlessly. Ever since that day she came into my downtown office wearing that dress, those heels, those legs, I knew I was done for. “I hear you can find anything,” she said, her voice low pitched and covered in whiskey. “Depends on what you’re looking for, lady,” I replied, trying to keep my cool as she ate me up with those big brown eyes.

    “The truth,” she said, as she put down a pair of stockings and a pearl necklace on my desk, “My husband has disappeared, and these are all I have to go on.”

    I noticed some blood spots on the stockings before I looked up at her again, “The truth. That’s my specialty. But it costs extra.”

  5. I slid a foot up the man’s leg as I held a pistol to his head. “So, Mister, you’ve done some very bad things haven’t you?” He gaped at me as I pressed the trigger.
    As he fell to the ground, I slid off his lap and stowed my pistol on my leg holster. Big, rich powerful men were such easy targets. You waltz in wearing a pair of stockings and heels and they were falling over each other to try and get to you.
    Silly creatures.

  6. Click, clack, click, clack…. Heels make contact with the hallway floor… Click, clack, click….

    With every increasingly louder click and clack, the tension rises and temperature rises. Black patented heels and long, long legs; it’s no wonder there’s a murder case. Suspect? With thick lips like those, I’m pretty sure we got a killer in the precinct.

    “This way, miss.”

    “Yes, detective……” Delicate hands fold in front of soft thighs.

    A killer indeed.

  7. However I had gotten myself into this, I was not going to walk out of it safe. The thrill of the first case beckoned me to foolishly accept the challenge; somehow, I did not realize that a woman stumbling into my office with a tale of a whole household strangled by stockings (all in different designs, no less!) with her as the sole survivor who did not want to turn to the police was, at least, suspicious.
    Now, the stockings tying my hands behind my back and gagging me shut did not leave room for anything more than mentally scolding myself and wishing that the familiar hourglass silhouette in the mirror would have any mercy on me.

    If I had known on that night…

    (I just love non-linear introductions, sorry)

  8. It was a warm windy night in the middle of Kansas. She strolled up in 6 inch heels wearing these stockings that looked as if they were an artists rendering of a fine line up the back of her legs that seemed to stretch forever, she had a sweet pair of pins. And these were not just ordinary pins, they were the kind of legs that dames dreamed of. Long, curvy, toned and could make the toughest of all men wither at the knees. As the sun was starting to set over the plains……

  9. A secretary is there to get coffee and open the door to the detective’s office for me, perhaps announce me- not distract me. She’s not supposed to look straight at me, licking her lips, crossing those legs, forcing my eyes to follow those seams all the way up. And what’s that? A little bow at the top, the final straw for my self control.

    Detective Smith finally opened his door, finding his secretary and I locked in a passionate embrace. My pink lips met her blood red ones, her hand cupped my derriere through my modest but flattering day dress.

  10. Detective Jamison knew it was going to be another long night at the office. She headed home to change after a casual dinner with her friend from the Academy. After weeks of news reports buzzing about a murderer on the loose, she finally received a call this afternoon requesting her services. The voice on the phone was desperate — a man, begging for her to find the culprit who killed his beloved sister. She rolled her neck back and forth, then eased on a pair of seamed stockings, complete with bows. They were the special touch, the extra boost on her ensemble that filled her with the confidence to get the job done. After straightening her slim pencil skirt and buttoning her crisp white blouse, she slid on some tall black pumps and left her flat. There was a murderer on the loose, and she was going to stop him. No criminal could elude her when she had her lucky stockings on. She just hoped, for his sake, that he wouldn’t put up too much of a fight.

  11. I took residence at the back of the bar, as instructed. There was a murderer on the loose, and I was determined to catch her. My eyes roamed my surroundings: gangsters and senators sat alike; targets a-plenty.

    It didn’t take long for her to show up. Her black gown was slit at the back, showing glimpses of her legs, wrapped in alluring stockings. The cuteness of the bows that topped them stood in stark contrast with her lurid plans. Without a doubt, these stockings have led numerous to their demise.

    Little did I know, I would become one of them.

  12. Emily was a quiet, modest girl to those who didn’t know her, and the secret that she hid beneath her many skirts. Her sultry side was revealed only to those who had known her intimately, for this kind of thing was frowned upon, in a small village such as this. Every morning she slid them on, running her hands up her smooth milky pale legs, securing them in place for the day ahead. Her little secret, her sexy little secret that kept her sane through the day, and the reason behind her calm confidence, was simple. Sweet Pins.

  13. As she pulled her fur coat closer around her there was a comforting crinkle of paper, a letter that would solve an important case. As the train prepared to leave the station, a shadow moved in the darkness behind her, there were some that would stop the letter leaving at any cost. As she pulled herself onto the train her hem climbed precariously up her leg. As she looked behind her pursuer stopped in his tracks at having an eyeful of her sweet pin seamed stockings smiling she took her seat as the train pulled away leaving him behind ….

  14. She leans against the streetlight, wisps of smoke curling out her red lips to dissipate under the halogen glare. From the apartment she would be only a figure, hidden under her hat and trenchcoat. He’d come to the window twice already, once pacing, and once to violently dispose of a bottle of gin. The watcher hadn’t flinched as the glass shattered at her feet. She knows he must love something other than the bottle, despite the hostility he has displayed since the day he left the force…since the night that he confused his brother with the suspect. The woman comes into focus. Tears streak her face in the aftermath of their argument. It’s his brother’s widow. He seizes her by the shoulders and kisses her, passionately. His eyes are closed, but hers are open, alert. She stiffens and pulls away, pointing to the street. With a curse he starts down the stairs and flings open the door, only to catch a glimpse of legs encased in sweet pins seamed stockings disappearing into a taxi. Under the streetlamp’s pale glow is a cigarette butt ringed with red lipstick, and the faint smell of perfume.

  15. It was a dark night, not particularly stormy, but oddly, disquietingly murky… Like a fog had come over the town, despite the view being clear. Perhaps it was the blanket of night itself obscuring the view. She pursed her lips and pulled the brim of her hat down a little further as she quickened her pace down the street, awash in shadow and dread. Her long coat rustled against her Sweet Pins stockings… The stockings that had started all the trouble. “Damn it,” she thought, “I’ve never been able to resist the finer things, and look where it’s gotten me.” She’d always considered herself to be a force to be reckoned with, a formidable dame who could take care of herself. And sure, she liked a little lace now and again, a seamed stocking to smooth up her leg before heading out into a world less pleasurable than the fine things she hid beneath her stylish clothing. But things had been different since the day she’d stumbled upon that side-street boutique. Stranger. More sinister. It had been two days, and despite the increasing feeling of foreboding, she couldn’t bring herself to take the stockings off. They’d been the last pair, and while she could barely afford a pack of smokes these days, she’d simply had to have them, and even wore them out of the store. When she’d put them on, though, it seemed she’d also put on something else: the stares of a thousand eyes peeping out of the darkness.

    She hurried on towards the office The detective. He’d know what to do… Well, his smart secretary would, at least, but he’d need to be convinced to take the case first. Somehow, given the effect the stockings were having on her and everyone around her, she doubted he’d say no. There was something strange going on. And for once, she didn’t want to face it alone.

    • Oh Jeez, I just looked back and saw that it was 100 words MAX, not minimum. Crap. Should I try to edit it down or would you prefer for me to write something new? Argh. Sorry about that. :(

  16. The moon is completely covered by clouds and the only light comes from a flickering street lamp. She walks a bit faster and pulls the collar of her trench coat up around her neck. The Lyle Street Killer is on the loose and no lady, should be walking alone. Detective Isabelle is not just any lady though, just above her sweet pins stockings a tiny but deadly revolver sits in a thigh holster. No, If any man were to mess with her they would meet their end swiftly indeed..

  17. The room was fuzzy and the light was bright, and I could feel the late alcohol in my stomach. The night had been a bit fuzzy as well. The woman across from me switches on the light on my desk, and there sitting in front of me is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen… a little black kitten sat in her lap, on top on silky stockings – these had been the first thing I had noticed about her.
    “So will you take my case or not?” the goddess repeated. I stared groggily at the cat, and then back down at the pictures she had put on my desk in front of me.
    “Why not?” I replied.



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