Androgynous Lingerie Special (Full Bust Edition): All Undone

The Mai Bodysuit

I must confess something to you: I often get excited about lingerie. But rarely does a product come out that is so exactly what I would have wished would appear, that I’m still pinching myself that new full bust brand All Undone actually exists.

The Didi Set- Bra £79, Briefs £42, Suspender Belt £46

So, so many women have told me about how they wish there were more plain, no frills or androgynous options for full busted women who want style and support. So often “put a bow on it” seems to be the motto of full bust lingerie designers, so it is truly refreshing to lay my eyes on All Undone’s designs. All Undone is currently available in 28DD-34GG right now and XS-L for knickers, but I wouldn’t rule out more sizes if the line is successful.

All Undone Mai Set- Bra £79, Briefs £42, Suspender £46

There are three sets in the debut collection and I appreciate how tailored their vision is. Each set has a bra, brief, thong and suspender belt in it, which leaves nice options for people to shop to their preferences. The Mai and Didi sets are my favorites and I could really see those being the luxury basics for any stylish woman’s lingerie collection– but especially one who has been looking for a set that’s sleek rather than girly. Although I’m not as fond personally, the Lola is also cool and I really like the distinctive use of lace. It may be just me, but I would love to see a boyshort added to the range; I think it would go well with the androgynous look of the bra and I find it to be such a flattering and seamless silhouette.

All Undone Lola Set- Bra £79, Brief £42, Suspender Belt £46

This collection impresses me because it’s not only good for a full bust brand– it’s amazing for any brand. I may not fit into their size range, but I really think that All Undone will be well appreciated by those who do. I’m hoping they will do well enough that they will be able to expand into larger cup sizes and XL panties because I know that my girlfriend would look fantastic in this brand.


  1. Those All Undone sets have a very “clean” design in terms of no frills, though I’m not sure they would go as far as “androgynous”. That said, they look really great and are certainly a refreshing deviation from the norm.

    My favorite is the Mai set with it’s subtle design and choice of colors, which makes it elegant and practical at the same time.

    • Hmmm– to me it’s the styling in the shoot that makes it more feminine, but I could certainly see this done up in a much more masculine fashion, which is why I would give it an ‘androgynous’ label. Obviously, ‘androgynous’ doesn’t have any one meaning– heck, it means something different to every person– but I think that there is a lot of potential here for both masculine and feminine interpretations.

  2. I’m both very excited about All Undone as well as worried. I know there are many of us who want a brand with All Undone’s design sensibilities, but it’s also such an expensive brand. I’m a bit concerned about how well they will sell. I know I would personally love to try all three designs, but can’t afford a single one. I just hope the price doesn’t put off enough people that it seems as though the market isn’t interested in bras with an androgynous, sleek look.

    • Yeah, they are expensive– but it’s in keeping pricewise with most of the luxury lingerie brands I post on here (and cheaper than Agent Provocateur or some Empreinte for example). We’ll see how it goes, but I don’t know that just because it is a luxury product, people won’t be interested.

      • I think there’s also an element of any new luxury brand being high risk when we don’t know yet how sizing works (probably the most frustrating part of DD+ shopping) because one has to pay a bunch for shipping/returns, often to foreign countries…and what if the return doesn’t work out?

  3. I found out about this company yesterday so I was happy to see a post about them. I also do not fit into their size range; however, there are many women who have been looking for the smaller band / larger cup combo so I am glad to see them emerge.

  4. As a 36G and regular wearer of Empreinte, I don’t mind spending to get these looks. They’re beautiful and I LOVE the clean lines and colour blocking. So modern! Don’t get me wrong, I love lace, but sometimes it can get a little fussy and matronly. I know this is great for the small back/deep cup gals…however…I am very, very disappointed by the exclusion of anything above a 34 back. If you can do a 34GG, you can do a 36G. I find this…kind of limiting. However early days, I definitely look forward to seeing how this brand grows!

  5. The more I look at the lingerie the more I like it. The clean, uncluttered look appeals to me as does the ability to buy one piece or more if you desire. I love the sets in black while the white with copper? look reminds me of a chevrolet I used to own. Can’t figure out why? Maybe it is the look of fins?

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