Lingerie Review: Fleur of England Berry Kiss Kimono

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So it was just my birthday and somehow my girlfriend knew that lingerie would be a pretty safe bet for the perfect birthday gift. Even though she knew nothing about lingerie when we first got together, I think I’ve been a good influence on her because she has now decided that Fleur of England is her favorite brand (on me). I have been lusting after this Fleur of England kimono since I first discovered the brand  over 2 years ago.

"fleur of england" "robe" "luxury lingerie" "lingerie review" "lace robe"And how could I resist this  silk and lace beauty beaming up at me? I adore the soft, claret colored silk and the delicate pink lace is a perfect sleeve. The ties are at an empire waist height, which works well for my body shape, but could be difficult if you were particularly full-busted because it dips on quite deep in the front.

"fleur of england" "robe" "luxury lingerie" "lingerie review" "lace robe"

The kimono comes in one size only and it works perfectly for me. I usually wear a size ‘L’ in Fleur of England (the largest size) and it’s definitely got a little room for a slightly larger size. There are double ties on both sides of the gown, which is a nice detail to keep it closed when wandering around. There is also a sexy triangle cut out in the back, which allows a peek at what’s underneath.

"fleur of england" "robe" "luxury lingerie" "lingerie review" "lace robe" This adorable tea set was actually my birthday gift from my girlfriend last year! I have such busy weeks that I really prefer to spend my weekend in my pajamas as much as possible to get my blogging, "fleur of england" "robe" "luxury lingerie" "lingerie review" "lace robe"

"fleur of england" "robe" "luxury lingerie" "lingerie review" "lace robe"Happy Friday, everyone! Also, this robe is still available on sale from Journelle, if you want to be twinsies.


    • She is! I really love it, I’ve been wearing it a lot. Robes are expensive pieces, but usually worth it.

  1. I love Fleur of England! What an exquisite robe…I’m happy for you and jealous of you at the same time. I feel like you’re putting together my dream lingerie wardrobe. Happy belated! :-)

    • Thank you! The robe really is wonderful & super easy to wear. I know exactly the feeling of both jealousy and happiness– I have that all the time when I read about other lingerie bloggers with awesome pieces!

  2. That robe is so beautiful, and it looks so very soft. It makes me want a robe like that for the warmer months – I have a bit fluffy robe for the winter, but sometimes you want something silkier! Your girlfriend made a beautiful choice! Happy belated birthday!

    • Thank you do much! I think it’s really handy to have a couple different robes around– I do have a cashmere one for the deep winter, but when it’s warmer you still need something to wander around the house in when you haven’t yet decided to get dressed.

  3. Too stunning!! I just tried ordering it but unfortunately they don’t deliver to Canada! Shame because I love Fleur of England too!! I guess I’ll have to keep hunting. Happy belated birthday!

    • Oh no! I think they don’t usually ship internationally on Journelle via the website, but if you love it you should definitely give them a call & they may be able to figure something out.

    • LL, That kimono is GORGEOUS on you!!! I agree as well, that colour suits you SO beautifully! As you can tell by how I spell “colour”, I am also Canadian, lol. I was doing some hunting around for Fleur of England for one of my clients today, and there is a shop in Ottawa that carries some of their pieces and will ship. It doesn’t look like they have the Berry Kimono, though. :-(

  4. I really want to see what the back looks like, since you mentioned it. I love the picture where you’re standing up leaning against the door.

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