Yup, It’s That Time of The Year Again: My Birthday Lingerie Wishlist

There are three things I love about fall: the nip in air, apple-picking & my birthday. In general I don’t like to make too much of a fuss about birthdays, but I like the excuse to make a fantasy wish list of all the lingerie I most want to wear right now.

Stella McCartney Tammy Tickling Bodysuit $105.00

Ever since I tried this Stella McCartney bodysuit on in London, I have been in love with it. The little velvety bows are just darling and feel wonderful. Not sure it’s too practical, but, hey, this is a birthday ‘wish’ list, isn’t it?

ID Sarrieri Diaphanous Pleated Camisole in Tulle with Lace Bust $602

I’ve already talked about how much I love ID Sarrieri, but I didn’t pinpoint one of my favorite styles: this delicate babydoll. The soft, invisible tulle of the skirt makes this the lingerie equivalent of a tutu, with all the prettiness and none of the confining structure.

Fleur of England Belle de Nuit Bodysuit £250.00

A bodysuit covered with lace? Yes, please! I saw this beautiful Fleur of England bodysuit in person when I was at CurveNY and I need it. I love the amazing three-dimensional quality of the lace and the sheer peek-a-boo delight.

Made by Niki Azure Belted Peplum Dress £199

This swishy little babydoll is just adorable isn’t it? This is another one I tried on when I was in London and it is insanely sweet. It’s really perfect for me… except for the price. I guess I’ll just have to keep sighing over Made by Niki’s beautiful pieces.

Lonely Sabel Full Cup Bra $75.00

Lonely Hearts is one of the brands that is newest to me on this list– but they have really made a deep impression. This strappy velvet and lace soft bra is such a winning color of bottle green, while also looking very soft and comfortable that I just had to include it.

Mimi Holliday Woozie Lace & Silk Satin Shoulder Bra $86

I wear Mimi Holliday all the time, but I’ve been dying to try the ‘shoulder bra’ shape because I already love the padded plunge. This ‘Woozie‘ color also has my heart singing because of the combination of turquoise, chartreuse and tiny coral bows.

What Katie Did Laurie Corset $275

I do have some perfectly beautiful corsets by Angela Friedman, I still have a hankering for this simple corset from What Katie Did. I really think I could wear it on so many occasions (or at least I want to) that this is one of the most realistic choices on this list.

Agent Provocateur Demelza Bra $250, Brief $190 and Suspender $330

Agent Provocateur is not always my favorite– I feel they can be a bit derivative at times– but they have put out a particularly strong collection this season. I find the shape of this bra both beautiful and unusual and I love the appliqué lace detail. The combination with the deep, sheer suspender belt and the sheer panties makes the whole set perfect.

Honey Cooler Handmade Silk Lace Nightie $325

When I see pieces like this, I can’t deny my girliness. Pink stripes and lace insertion bows are basically my dream come true. Add that to a flouncy, drapey chemise and I just really, really want to wear it to bed.

Dottie’s Delights Zig Zag Mosh Playsuit $70

Ever since I saw Dottie’s Delights’ Mosh Playsuit, I knew I had to have it someday– but I’m glad I waited, because I love the zigzag pattern even more than the plain black sheer mesh!

Agent Provocateur Charade Game $35

I know this isn’t really lingerie, but it’s from Agent Provocateur, so I feel like it counts. I wouldn’t usually be so keen on games, but I think charades is incredibly fun and Agent Provocateur’s idea of good things to act out is probably quite priceless.


  1. Oooh, yay for birthdays! When is yours? I am crazy about the Mosh playsuit too, and your wishlist is so nicely made! I like how you make a big mix of colors and styles, and definitely want the charades game!

    • Mine’s the 22nd! I think my birthday wish list makes it clear how much I love ALL the styles of lingerie :). I hope you’ll do a wish list when your birthday comes around!

  2. I actually thought you were older… Sorry! It’s not that you look like you’re older, it’s the maturity of your blog posts. Yeah sure you make us swoon at all the pretty underthings that exist in this world (I love that you have vast tastes), but you also write some interesting, thought-provoking posts. I won’t say ‘happy birthday’ yet, but I hope at least one item on your wishlist arrives at your doorstep!

    • Thank you so much! I’ll try to keep putting out thought-provoking blog posts and pretty underthings in the next year :)

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