No More Boring Lingerie: Strapless Bras That Are More Beautiful Than Basic

The real genesis of this blog post is the fact that I have no strapless bras that fit me right now, so I have my eye out for a good one. The trouble is, it seems like most strapless bras are governed by practicality over beauty the vast majority of the time. While I understand the need for practicality when it comes to strapless bras, I like pieces that are beautiful in their own right.

This turquoise bra with red contrast straps by Clo Intimo is stunning. Clo Intimo is a Colombian brand that I sadly didn’t know about in time to add to my piece on South American lingerie brands and I love their simple yet stylish perspective. That is one bold and colorful strapless bra and I love it. Size Range: 32B-36D

Elomi Maria Basque $118

So, a basque isn’t exactly a strapless bra, but it’s so pretty. What really makes this piece stand out for me is the delicious creamy color and the simple yet chic shape. Don’t worry: If the basque is too much, there is also a strapless bra in the range. Size Range: 32DD-HH, 34-40 D-HH, 42D-H, 44D-G, 46D-F, 48D-E.

Andres Sarda Amy Bandeau Bra $280

The beautiful lace on this Andres Sarda bra is what makes it stand out. The bandeau style is slightly more difficult to wear if you want your strapless bra to be invisible, but it could be lovely peeking though a scoop neck shirt. Size Range: 32B-36C

Tamsin Lillywhite/Lascivious Bra £225

Just because it’s in leather it’s still a strapless bra, right? This might not be the most practical choice of a strapless bra, but it is the strapless bra most likely to be worn by a cyborg, which has to count for something. Size Range: S, M, L

NOE Undergarments Ryan Bustier Bra $180

The NOE Undergarments Bustier bra is such a beautiful and luxurious piece that can be easily used as an outerwear piece as well. I love the bold orange silk because it’s both deliciously soft and beautiful. Size Range: 1-4

Lascivious Laura Strapless Bra £98.00

I included this Lascivious bra because I love the sheer panel at the top of the cup. The front hooks are another unusual addition that makes for easy access, but they do have the disadvantage of making the bra less usable as the back stretches out, a particular issue for a strapless bra. Size Range: 32A-36D

Huit Rumeur Long Line Bra $112

The Huit Rumeur Longline is actually from last fall (which makes it harder to get ahold of now!) but my goodness, isn’t it gorgeous? I am in love with the Art Deco panelling and the shape which resembles a vintage overwire bra, but with the modern rounded shape. Size Range: 32A-36D.

Parah Double String Molded Bandeau Bra $253

I chose this Parah bandeau bra because of the amazing cage pattern. This is such a stylish detail and makes the bra look modern yet luxurious. Size Range:  34B-36C

Lise Charmel Exclusivement Class Strapless Bra $170

I tried not to include too many beige bras because I find that they can be dull much too often. This one is far from boring because of the delightful lace sewn in to the middle of the bra and on the band. Size Range: 32A-36C

Chantal Thomass Bandeau bra € 99,90

Okay, I did talk about a version of this bra last week, but I still think the strapless, molded version deserves a mention. The dark bow on the sheer bra is just such a clever and beautiful design feature– it’s both very wearable and very cute! Size Range: 32B-38D.

Kiss Me Deadly Violet Divine Multiway Bra £47.75

This new Kiss Me Deadly multiway bra is just such a delightful color, I had to include it on this list. The fact that the bra is a longline means that it is just that little bit fancier than a regular strapless bra– plus it has cool decorative stretching. Size Range: 32-38 B-DD

Fraulein Annie Scene d’Amour Multiway Bra £48.00

Fraulein Annie makes the most adorable bras– I’m so glad she makes this adorable convertible bra. I love the swiss dot fabric because it’s so very sweet (it also comes in cream!) Definitely one I would wear all the time. Size Range: 32A-38D

Freya Taylor Underwired Strapless Bra $74

This Freya strapless bra is such a chic bra for full busts. I like the dapper stripes and the unexpected brown bow, which is a nice change from the usual beige. Size Range: 28D-38G

Gossard Ooh La La Long Line Strapless Bra $39

Gossard makes a lovely strapless bra which is especially noteworthy for having a gorgeous deep suspender belt. This would be a number one choice for a bridal strapless because of the delicate cream color and the number of different corresponding pieces. Size Range: 30D-G, 32-38 A-G

Have you seen any more good strapless bras I should know about? Do you care about what they look like or only that they do their job well?

  1. Take a look at Ewa Michalak’s strapless bras. One of them (Toffi) is beautiful! As long as they fit perfectly and come in my size (30FF) I don’t care how they look, but a pretty one would be nice…

    • They’re nice! I’m looking forward to Cleo by Panache’s new strapless bra for spring– it’s pink and black!

  2. That Andres Sarda bra. Unf.

    But on more practical (for my budget, anyway) terms, I’d have to go with the Fraulein Annie. I’m having a major polka dot moment.

    Great roundup!

  3. Love the list! I usually love black anything, but I love the colors of the Malla bra. Really, I’d wear everything here, even the cyborg looking Lascivious Bra (I think it would look cool under a sheer top).

    • That Lascivious bra would look killer under a sheer top– or maybe with some high-waisted pants! Thanks :)

  4. The Freya bra is AMAZING, by the way! I’ve had mine for close to a year now, and not only has it stayed nice and snug (a rarity for a busty woman in a strapless bra), but it looks really beautiful on.
    Also, those brown lines along the top of the bra are actually velvet, which gives it a really luxurious touch.

    • I am so glad that bra feels as good as it looks! I’m so sad it’s not widely available right now, because it’s gorgeous.

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