Look Book: ID Sarrieri is Making Me Cry With its Gorgeousness for A/W 2013

FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU Collection. G 2697 and G 2665

I’m actually having hard time writing this post because I am hyperventilating over how much I love all of pieces in I.D. Sarrieri’s F/W 2013 collection.


The designer(s) at I.D. really have an amazing ability to play with opacity and sheerness in their designs in a way which is classic and luxurious, yet fresh enough to turn anybody’s head.INNAMORATA Collection. G 8784

This sheer bodysuit is one of my favorite from the collection. The color of the lace is soft and beautiful, blending with the skin of the model, but also contrasting with the darker net.KEY TO ROOM 13 Collection. G 6508 and G 6565

It’s no secret how much I love scalloping in my lingerie– I think that this lacy scalloped soft bra is a perfect example of how it looks simple and sophisticated.

KEY TO ROOM 13 Collection. G 6571 and G 6552

Sheer robe? Check. Lack inserts? Check. This is robe is a perfect boudoir accessory and goes fantastically with that padded bra underneath.MEET ANNE DROID Collection. G 7746 and G 7775

I don’t usually love crystals on lingerie because it can be overkill– but I.D. Sarrieri is a brand with such an unabashed love of luxury. I imagine this as the right accessory for a Bond villainess.MEET ANNE DROID Collection. G 7797 and G 7713

The shape of this bustier is actually a signature shape. The exaggerated shape of the hips is something I love about it and really sets it apart from the ordinary basque shape.VAMPORAMA Collection. G 3017, G 3065 and KEY TO ROOM 13 Collection. G 6581

The simple lines of this I.D. Sarrieri bra might seem somewhat unexpected for a brand that loves its dramatic lace and other embellishment. I have to say though, this is one of my favorites because it really strips down the bra to its simple, yet graphic elements.

VAMPORAMA Collection. G 3090This bodysuit is so, so, so awesome. It wouldn’t look quite as good on me as on this model, but I would happily march around only in that bodysuit and boots if that is what it would take for the gods to bestow it upon me (it’s just too pretty).


  1. WOW. That is ALL breathtaking. Especially the lace bodysuit. I think I need all of it, and soon, or else I might just explode from eye-candy-shock! Thanks for sharing this lookbook, darling!!

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