Giveaway: Ruby South Africa Bra and Panty Sets (Plus a Peek at Their ‘Gender Bender’ Campaign)


I’m really excited to share this giveaway with you all from South African brand Ruby. I’ve featured them on the blog a couple times, so I think it’s time that I let some of you get in on the action. I’m a huge fan of their laid back aesthetic and I also really love the fact that they are adding their unique voice to the global lingerie market (You can check her designs out in the Etsy shop). You can win one of 6 lingerie sets, so get entering!

Fireman1280You can enter through the Rafflecopter below and make sure you leave a comment letting me know which of their campaign images is your favorite! I’m pretty partial to the earthworks one, but that might just be me.

Given that these are soft bras, this is really a giveaway for ladies who prefer lighter support :). I haven’t personally tried this brand myself, but I have heard good things about the fit and comfort from others!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The size range for Ruby’s lingerie is:

x-sml / 0-2 / 30-32 / A cup
sml / 2-4 / 32-34 / B cup
med / 4-6 / 34-36 / B-C cup
lrg / 6-8 / 36-38 / C-D cup
x-lrg / 8-10 / 38-40 / C-D cup

Good luck!

Photography by Gavin Goodman

  1. I like the fishing one, and how she looks like she is enjoying herself, the girl in the earthworks one looks a little bit too grumpy to me!

  2. The firewoman is my favorite image but I loooooooooooooooooooooove that green/pink combination set. Green lingerie is my Achilles heel.

  3. Although I’m digging all of the sets, the Earth Moving set is such a cool color combination, I think I’m digging it the most. <3

  4. These are all so gorgeous! I checked out their website too, absolutely love their designs. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven’t enjoyed a lingerie editorial this much for quite a while, I’ll definitely be sharing this on Pinterest! I lived in South Africa until I was 12, where were these gorgeous sets when I needed my first bra? Bad memories of a itchy white ugly thing, good to know the current generation is getting better options! Specially fond of the Earth Moving lingerie set, it’s an interesting colour combination and the pattern of the lace is gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • So glad you like the giveaway! I also love the jewelry– gold and shark tooth necklaces are pretty irresistible :).

  6. The earthworks one definately features the prettiest set, also the sunset and lingerie colors match perfectly. But I loove the Lucky lingerie photo, it’s perfectly not trying to be sexy, though all the photos are silimar in this matter, which I’m grateful for. Awesome editorial!

  7. I am loving the flaming lingerie! The peephole bow knickers are way too cute.

    The earth moving and underground look great too. I like the scalloped shape in the latter.

  8. I really like the colors of the earthworks set, but the underground set has definitely stolen my heart. The little details are just stunning.

  9. I love the Underground shot, it just looks so strong and powerful. I feel as if you wore that you would have the power to easily rule the world *insert evil laughter*

  10. I love the Earth Moving Lingerie picture because I love the way the colors of the sky go with the coral set.

  11. love them all. Bur if i have to choose…
    I like the flaming lingerie , with the lucky lingerie a close second

  12. Haha these are hilarious!! The earth moving lingerie is my favourite – love the contrasting colours and her I’m so ready for this working day attitude!

  13. The underground one is my favorite, but probably because I’ve been pondering purchasing that set for weeks!

  14. Absolutely loving the underground lingerie one. It’s always nice to see a bit of diversity in adverts, no matter what kind of diversity it is and you can see the gorgeous details of the set.

  15. ooh hard choice, but i like the flaming lingerie the best, with close runner up the underground.

    i really, really love the sets and concept of the photoshoots too: really tough looking and interesting backgrounds.

  16. The underground set photo catches my eye and keeps it. Its definitely one of my favorite pieces when it comes to simplicity. i just love the scallops.

  17. I love this campaign! Those of us who are or used to be (former trucker here) in non-traditional careers like to look sexy underneath the work gear too! The Flaming image is my favorite

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