Lingerie Collective NYC Spring/Summer 2014: Daring and Unforgettable Pieces to Look Out For

I really like the Lingerie Collective in contrast to Curve because it has such an edited group of designers and a strong atmosphere. The designers who show at The Lingerie Collectives each have such a singular vision that it’s a pleasure to experience them all together. I didn’t have the energy to see every one of the designers, but I wanted to feature the ones that really stood out to me for Spring/Summer 2014:

Dottie’s Delights

Dottie's Delights

Dottie’s Delights SS2014 Collection

Dottie’s Delights is a brand that has been on my wishlist for the longest time and whose seasons just keep getting better. Both the A/W 2013 and the S/S 2014 collections are simply fabulous, with beautiful materials and fantastic vintage shapes. I tried on her new green and gold bra in a 32C and it actually fit really well, which is good to know because I often find vintage styles to be a risky fit.


This Dottie’s Delights bra for SS14 is completely gorgeous, with so much detail, it seems a shame to ever cover it with clothing. Stephanie Kuhr, the designer of Dottie’s Delights, is such a fun person with similarly passionate interest to lingerie, so whenever we have a chance to spend time together we just cannot stop talking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis lace slip for SS2014 is another awesome piece, with a wonderful shape to the lace that Stephanie has very cleverly placed to echo the shape of the breasts underneath. Just gorgeous.

Kriss Soonik

Kriss SoonikKriss Soonik had a unique point of view that has been consistently both adorable and edgy (an unusual combination). The bras above are different colorways of their classic lace bra and you can see the hilarious Lego and lingerie photos. I think that Kriss’ sense of humor with her work is one thing that distinguishes his work.

Kriss Soonik

Kriss, putting my two favorite SS14 pieces together!

The two pieces that differed from Kriss Soonik’s previous collection and that I totally fell in love with were this fantastic loungewear tailcoat & the sheer, soft bra with a pearl haltnerneck. I really love both of these pieces because they seem to sit in a space between lingerie/loungewear/formalwear/jewelry, which is exactly the kind of tension that makes inventive lingerie design awesome to look at and wear.

Kriss Soonik at The Lingerie Collective

Arabelle in Kriss Soonik

This tail coat must be mine & I will wear it with my pyjamas and out on the street with equal frequency. Arabelle from Fashion Pirate is modeling it here & looks fabulous!

Darkest Star

Darkest Star

This is just a sneak peek of Darkest Star, a London-based lingerie brand with a luxury bondage edge to it. I will be posting the entire look book soon, so you can ooh and ahh over the way they balance softness & hardness, sex and style, lingerie and bondage.

Angela Friedman

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, Angela Friedman did not technically show at the Lingerie Collective, but her studio is right near by and I think I really owe it to the world to preview the pretty, lacy pieces that she has coming out for spring.


My favorite pieces is this darling ice blue romper, which is perfect for bridal, but also for those who just like blue and white together always! (That would be me). I think that this collection is Angela’s most sophisticated so far & might even be my favorite!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease check out how perfect this sheer robe is– I picture a goddess rising from the waves in it! This is something I would love to wear OR something that would look amazing in photographs.

All in all, these designers wow-ed me with their awesome knickers– I can’t wait until spring, can you?

  1. What a great post :) I love the Lingerie Collective and never miss the london shows. I really hoped to attend new york, but thanks to your round up, I now have a good idea of the brands showing. We love Kriss Soonik and Darkest Star…Dottie’s delight SS14 looks just stunning – thank you for introducing me to this fabulous brand.

    • Thank you! I just wanted one of everything :). I always feel so lucky to see and feel it in person.

    • I’m not sure of exact dates, but it’s part of her spring collection, so early 2014 is likely :)

  2. Dottie’s Delights and Darkest Star are probably my favorite Lingerie Collective brands <3 But I'm really interested on Kriss Soonik's colored soft bras as well… they are exactly the kind of simple-but-lovely thing I'd do as a designer and I'm glad someone is doing it as well!

  3. The colours, fabrics and designs of the the Dottie’s Delights SS2014 collection as well as the other designs at the Lingerie Collective look delightful. Spring is my favourite season as it is, and now I’ll be looking forward to it even more and to seeing all the upcoming collections of gorgeous lingerie.

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