CurveNY Spring/Summer 2014: My Favorite Looks for Full Busts

Yesterday I did my favorite looks for core sizes from CurveNY, but today I want to give some love and attention to the truly outstanding pieces for full busts to expect for Spring/Summer 2014! These are obviously just my personal favorites and I would love to hear your thoughts.


Elomi Babydoll CurveNYThe number one brand that I think I need to talk about for full busts & full figures right now is Elomi. I really, really love the direction the brand is going and they’ve definitely made some show-stoppers for spring/summer 2014. What I love most about Elomi is that they don’t use being a full-bust/full-figure brand as an excuse for lazy or dated designs– they make designs that are truly gorgeous. The whole collection is awesome, but my top picks are the Maria babydoll (sizes: 36-42E-FF, 34-42 G-H) and the Izzy set in Lollipop (sizes: 36-44E-FF, 34-44G, 34-42GG-JJ, briefs M-4XL).

Elomi Izzy in Lollipop



Masquerade is a brand that I rarely pay attention to because they are often terribly predictable. For spring/summer 2014, however, they managed to pick my favorite colors, which of course made me very happy. There is a really beautiful coral pink in several pieces and a lovely ice blue with gray lace overlay. This baby pink and coral pink bra is truly irresistible (Size range: 28-38 D-G)


Empreinte at CurveNY

Empreinte is a French brand that I’ve heard good things about but I’ve never really felt compelled to get to know them. I was so glad I decided to see their new collection at CurveNY because I fell in love with it. I am dying to try one of their molded lace bras because I love the idea of a seamless bra that is truly beautiful and wearable without being made of molded foam. This bodysuit is so beautiful, I must have it one day. Luckily it comes in my size! Cup sizes C-G.


Freya Deco Lagoon

Freya isn’t always my favorite– it sometimes seems a little dull to me and the Deco rarely does anything for me because I’m not a fan of molded bras. Imagine my surprise when one of my stand out pieces for next season is not only Freya, but a Deco! I think the print on this ‘Lagoon’ colored bra is just so stylish and sophisticated, it stands out from any other molded that I’ve seen.


Cleo by Panache Flamingo Print

Cleo by Panache is one of those brands that makes me have strong feelings about every piece, either positive or negative. I think in many ways my taste doesn’t mesh completely with the bright and sometimes juvenile colors and patterns. Then again, I fell in love with this flamingo print bra which is both bright and maybe a little juvenile! All of the elements of this bra are things I wouldn’t necessarily like, but the whole thing is delightful. (Size range: 28-38 D-H cup)

Sunday Intimates

Sunday Intimates

Sunday Intimates is a new brand making bras sized 28-34 DD-H and gorgeous loungewear. I loved their whole collection, but this floral bra was definitely my favorite. Look out for them this spring!


Fantasie CurveNY

Honestly, I wasn’t wow-ed by Fantasie’s bras for next season– except for this one perfect silver and white bra, Vivienne. The color combination and embroidery looked so harmonious together without seeming either matchy-matchy or boring. I just really loved this bra, it was completely beautiful. Size Range: 34-38C, 30-42D-E, 30-40F-FF, 30-38 G.


  1. Only to have a fuller bust! Some very pretty things, I love they Freya. Now if only the boob fairy would pay me a visit.

  2. UGH. Why cant bigger chested girls have some dominatrix looking stuff.. or something more androgynous? Black, straps, etc. Why so bright and frilly? The best of the lot by far is the Empreinte bodysuit which I would actually consider buying… it is very nice. The rest of the bras are a real turn-off. They don’t even look elegant… they are all just ‘playful’. I want a cross between bordelle, hopeless lingerie, and I.D. Sararri for bigger chested girls. Now that would be my dream bra.

    • Yes, I agree that there isn’t much in the andogynous/bondage realm… but the pieces that I chose here were the ones that I personally liked a lot, which is often pretty playful. There was plenty of black, but I don’t really like black that much.

      • Ah what a little gothic lolita heart I have… <3 black. It seems like the full busted world is just so colourful which makes me uncomfortable… I feel like a clown. It is probably a throwback to always being told black makes you look slimmer and for a heavier girl to wear colours it made her look 'silly' or 'clownish'. But at the same time… there is a lack of I.D. Sararri's and Sonatas for the full basted world. There is also a lack of Bordelle's and hopeless style stuff for the full busted work. Where is the sophisticated lace, crystals.. the dream? Where is the erotic.. the straps… the peep holes? and where is the muted work of the androgynous fad for the full-busted market? If it is there I am missing it and someone fill me in quick!!
        I forgot to say, thanks for your pictures from the lingerie week … it is nice to be introduced to brands you didn't know about and see what different brands are doing!

  3. I’ve heard some about Empreinte. I should really try them out. I tried on a Deco a year ago or so and wasn’t getting a good fit but I really want to like it.

    • Yes, it’s perfect! There is also a gold lace set which is just magnificent– totally for the warrior princess in all of us (well, all of those who fit in their size range :))

  4. Avigayil, the most adult prettiness I know of available in full-bust is Fauve, at least up to a G or so. It’s no Sarrari, but it’s quite good. For less femme-pretty-pretty, one of the hopefully forthcoming Sunday Intimates models is a pretty bad-ass plain black leather-like look, and Esty Lingerie makes “bra accessories” including some strappy attachments like chokers that will help to scratch that cage bra itch. I agree with you emphatically that full-busted is overly dominated by cheerful young jauntiness.

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