Lingerie Review: La Fille d’O One Skin Bra

La Fille d'O This bra captivated me the instant I saw it because of it’s incredible clean lines and inventive shape. It was pointed out to me by a reader that this bra is a perfect candidate for my ‘Androgynous Lingerie’ posts, and I completely agree! I find this bra really inspiring because the designers have managed to find new ways to construct a bra that are totally different from the usual methods that can sometimes feel stale and predictable. La Fille d'O This bra really shows the beauty of its design on a person, rather than on a hanger, so I’m sorry that I am a little too shy to model it for you. The black lines and the sheer stretch cups are gorgeously graphical, making you feel almost like some sort of graphic, superhero-esque illustration. La Fille d'O This bra is not really my number one choice when it comes to comfort, although that is not entirely unexpected. Having a single underwire is an unusual choice for a bra these days and I can understand why– the point where the two sides meet is a lot sharper than two wires sitting side by side and began to stab me in the sternum towards the end of the day. This certainly isn’t my most uncomfortable bra, but I wouldn’t choose it for a long, busy day for fear it would end being painful.

I should also mention the sizing. The bra does not come in the traditional UK or US sizes, but simply as sizes 1-4. I ended up buying a 1, which is equivalent to a 32B/34A according to their conversion system (I usually wear a 32C or 34B). The looseness of the sizing does make some sense because the straps are extremely adjustable and less strict than regular powernet underbands. However, I’m not sure the sizing is truly equivalent to ‘regular’ bra sizes, so I really think this is a piece that should be tried. The 1 did work extremely well for me in regards to size, so I can’t really complain about the atypical sizing system. La Fille d'O Despite comfort sacrifices, I do find this bra captivating and I hope I manage to see more of the collection in the US. You can buy it from the designer here.

  1. I think I’m going to have to add this designer to my collection. Maybe I’ll do a bit of modeling on the blog. Thank you for posting this (and for thinking of me via Instagram on your trip)!

    The other pieces are stunning, and I just love the clean, minimalistic feel of the website.

  2. I have been waiting for this review because I am dying to try their line. it actually goes higher than a size 4, all the way up to a 7 seven but only for some bras. I LOVE the clean aesthetic and how beautifully minimalistic yet still feminine all their pieces are. I love the shapes the use too! I really must treat myself to a bra from them soon.
    But now i am concerned as to sizing as you mention it is best to try on. I only wish i could find somewhere to try one of these on (ha ha, fat chance…)
    Thank you!

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