Cute & Affordable: Aerie’s Awesome Bralettes

Aerie Pretty Little Luxuries, $20

When I happened upon a photo of Aerie‘s bralettes on Tumblr, I knew instantly that I should share them with you. I’m always looking for pieces that fit just exactly in the categories of incredibly cute and really affordable and these seemed perfect– plus, they’re all on sale for $20 right now!

Aerie Star Collection Bralette, $20

Although lots of people really love Aerie, I have never been tempted to try them because of their focus on push-up bras. I’ve realized that molded push-up bras never give me the lingerie happiness that I’m looking for in a new bra. What I hadn’t realized was how awesome Aerie’s bralettes were because I was already turned off by the style I don’t like and had mistakenly written off the entire brand.

Aerie Satin Triangle Bra, $20

Aerie Satin Triangle Bra, $20

It seems that Aerie calls all non-molded bras ‘bralettes’ even if they have underwire, which is a bit confusing if you’re used to a bralette meaning a wireless bra, but given the fact that no one in the lingerie industry seems able to agree on what terms mean, I simply accept all terms now.

Aerie Floral Lace Bralette $20

I am completely in love with the star print bra, as well as the delicious citron color of the floral lace one. The textured white bra is a surprisingly bold move for Aerie (it might be visible under clothes!) but I really love the delicate white flowers, so I’m impressed.

Aerie Pretty Luxuries $20

They have a very limited size range, offering only 32-36 A-D, but if you fit into those sizes, you should definitely snag one of these sweet bras before the summer is over. I’m just deciding which I want to get my hands on most…

  1. I was in Aerie last week looking at these, and the lace soft cup bralettes as well, so beautiful.

    • That’s so good to hear! I always like to know how something looks in person, so I’m glad you can recommend them :)

  2. Oh, no! I won’t be at the US until winter! I guess I will have to use my credit card and ship them to a friends house. Do you think they make pretty bralettes (I think it’s ok for us to accept all terms with open minds and open hearts :D) all year or it’s just a summer thing?

  3. Aerie does manage to carry a limited size range in some of it’s products, but all told they do have sizes 30A to 40DD.

  4. Very cute. I used to feel bad not understanding the confusing terminology used for lingerie and then I learned nobody else seems to know it either. Manufacturers just make up words and don’t even apply them uniformly.

  5. I have the star one and the quilted one (the last one you posted). I also have their vintage lace bustier bralette (also underwired) that I bought a couple of years ago. I feel the same way about molded and padded cups, but I’ve been in love with their unlined “bralettes” for a while now! The star one is my new favorite bra – I’ve worn it every day since I got it! I’m a bit ambivalent towards the quilted one now that it’s arrived – it’s very lightly partially lined, and for me it’s a bit weird. It’s still really beautiful, though. I’m always impressed with the quality of Aerie for the price – their lace is so soft and nice.

    • Oooh, I really need a star one now– they’re so stylish and cute without being too childish. Thanks for the info :)

  6. I actually went and bought one. The very starry yellow lace one you took a picture of. I bought it in a 36 D and it looks great on. However, I was a little surprised about how little support it provides. My gals don’t normally move much when I walk, but they swing around in this bra!

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