London Lingerie Adventures: Selfridges’ Lingerie Department

I love going to London because of how much completely gorgeous lingerie is at my fingertips. New York may be my home base, but London is where the lingerie-loving soul will yearn for, until NYC gets its act together and actually starts giving London some competition.


Selfridges was my first stop in London because they do have a truly incredible lingerie department. I love the collection of different brands they have on display, especially the ones I can’t get in New York. They have a really lovely selection of luxurious brands, especially UK ones.

La Fille d'O bra Selfridges

La Fille d’O


One stand-out piece I saw came from La Fille d’O, an usual brand that manages to make simplicity so seductive (look out for a review of a bra soon!).

Instagram- Stella McCartney Bodysuit

Stella McCartney bodysuit

Stella McCartney had an absolutely gorgeous velvet bow bra and bodysuit that immediately caught my eye. I had previously dismissed the brand as predictable, but this set was much too pretty for me to pass by. I tried the bodysuit in the size small, which was really sweet and flattering, but I couldn’t quite convince myself to buy it yet (hopefully it will go on sale at some point and I can snatch it up).

Atsuko Kudo Latex Accessories

I also like the cool accessories that they stock, including Atsuko Kudo Latex and Fraulein Kink. It’s interesting to see latex treated as a true fashion material as opposed to a fetish-only fabric. I don’t think I’d be able to don a whole latex bra or dress, but I do have my eye on some of those adorable latex peter pan collars from Atsuko Kudo!

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

One interesting thing I spotted when I was in Selfridges was the exclusive Agent Provocateur diffusion line ‘L’Agent.’ I had never heard of it before, but it appears to be a lower priced and simpler version of Agent Provocateur’s lingerie to appeal to a younger audience with less disposable income. For comparison: a L’Agent bra costs £45.00 while an Agent Provocateur’s bra usually costs more than £85. I’ll be interested to see if this is a one time thing or if AP will be bringing this to more department stores. I can’t say the quality or designs blew me away, but it seemed like something to keep an eye on if it sells well.

Made by Niki Membranes Bra

Made By Niki Membranes Bra

I should place a special shout-out to the service because I found it quite terrible– although I did have a nice chat with a lady working the ‘Myla’ section, the general floor saleslady never came back with the sizes I asked for and generally treated me like I had wandered onto the wrong floor. If they didn’t have such a fantastic selection (and it wasn’t large enough to avoid the shop assistants) I would not be going back.

Stay tuned! There will be many more London Lingerie Adventures coming soon.

  1. Selfridge’s lingerie department is one of my favourite places – it’s just wonderful.
    Shocking that you received bad service. Every time I’ve ever been there it’s been brilliant and everyone’s been lovely. Hopefully it’s a one-off, although it sucks that you got unlucky in that aspect!

    • That’s good to hear! Might have just been there on a bad day :). The department is so beautiful, I could spend hours there.

  2. Ah I love that Stella bodysuit I picked it up myself last week. I have such trouble with their sizing though so I didn’t buy it. :( looks great on you!

  3. Thanks for the round up. I haven’t been there in a while (last time was with a friend who bought a Bordelle set and the woman who served us was an Australian burlesque performer who hadn’t been in London long and was super helpful), so it’s nice to see what’s new. Like the AP diffusion line, and the Atsuko Kudo accessories. Was lovely to meet you in person too :-)

  4. What a great adventure you are on! Hopefully the lower priced line from AP will be a hit
    and they continue it going forward. Love it!. Keep us posted, have a wonderful time!

  5. Looks like L’Agent is designed by Penelope and Monica Cruz. It is a diffusion line scheduled from A/W release. Story in the Daily Mail says it is to be released in “key” department stores world wide. CEO of AP says it will be a broader line open to a wider audience while remaining true to the AP brand

  6. Hey! Loved the post, although every time I have been the service has been great… going again tomorrow for my birthday (so excited)!! x

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