{Designer Interview} Chatting with Claudia Metcalfe, Designer of Felice Art Couture

Felice Art Couture

I first fell in love with Felice Art Couture when I saw their designs at the CurveNY show in February, drawn in by the amazing detail and beautiful embellishments. I’m so excited to share with you some of the images of their new SS14 collection, as well as an interview with the designer, Claudia Metcalfe. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


What inspired you to found Felice Art Couture?


After searching and failing to find my ideal wedding gown, I decided to create my own and realised fashion design came very naturally to me and I enjoyed the process. So I decided to start my own label.

Who is the person that you design for?

I design for the woman who wants to add timeless luxury items to her wardrobe and make a sensual statement. She fully embraces the Felice ‘feel special’ ethos of decadence & self-indulgence with a wink.

Felice Art Couture


You make a lot of ready to wear pieces– do you see a strict divide line between lingerie, loungewear and ready to wear, or is it more of a spectrum?


There is a crossover with my designs – a chiffon chemise can be worn in the boudoir or layered to create a lavish evening look. It really depends on your mood and how decadent you want your day/boudoir look to be.


How did you decide to work with Vivienne Mok? She’s one of my favorite lingerie photographers and I loved seeing her work in your look book.


My PR Nicole Levy discovered her on Google and we feel Vivienne embodies the Felice profile – beautiful, dreamy, nostalgic, romantic, timeless and her photos could be paintings, they are absolutely stunning.




Did you always want to make lingerie?


It has always appealed but didn’t become real until the wedding dress dilemma prompted me.


What inspires you when you’re designing? Do you have any other designers that you look up to?


I am drawn to the beauty & decadence of the eras gone by. Each piece is created to make the wearer feel desirable and special. 


What’s your biggest dream for Felice Art Couture?

For my customers to really love and cherish the Felice items they own.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever created?

There are several… one piece certainly is the Island Pleasures Chemise, as it bears so much gorgeous, delicate detail. However, I also love the embroidered Silk Kaftans – they are so easy to wear.

Do you get as inspired by Claudia’s work as I do? Let me know what you think!