8 Awesome American Lingerie Designers to Celebrate with on July 4th!

Some gorgeous American lingerie to delight your patriotic July 4th eyes! (If you are American. Otherwise it’s just general prettiness). Offered without comment because I’m kind of on vacation.


Dottie’s Delights

Ari Dein


HoneyCooler Handmade

FYI by Dani Read


NOE Undergarments


How are you spending your Fourth of July?



  1. I just discovered your blog from a tweet by Michi and am amazed — you write so well and focus precisely on subjects I care about. I plan to spend this morning reading your past posts. Happy 4th!

  2. The pretty blue babydoll from Eberjey has my #1 vote but the cute knickerbocker cat panties are super cute too. All the offerings have really nice appeal to a mix of customers. Classic to whimsical!

  3. The cami is damn cute but Knickerrocker takes the cake for me… those are SO ADORABLE!!! <3 <3 Btw, a company for your perusal is Toute La Nuit http://tlnlounge.com/ which makes lovely silk and cotton loungewear. They make everything in the USA as well. I practically live in their silk babydolls during the summer.

  4. Dottie’s Delights! What a beautiful photograph! I absolutely love fashion and style from that period, it is so classy and unique! The Knickerrockers are clever, but I totally don’t get the FYI. 😉

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