Big Announcements: What I’m Doing Next

FIT Portfolio Illustration 2

From my FIT application

Guess what? Some big changes are coming around here (for me). I’ve been sitting on some of this news for a while, so I am so excited to share:

As you may know, I’ve been working in PR for the past year, doing social media and digital strategy for large corporations. And, as you may have guessed (as we are coming up to the 1-year anniversary of my blog) lingerie has turned out to be a much bigger passion than I anticipated.

FIT Portfolio Illustration 3

After a lot of reflection, I’ve made some big decisions about what I want to do going forward: I really love lingerie and want to pursue it more seriously. In fact, I have been accepted to FIT’s Fashion Design AAS program and will be attending in the fall. Although I have already gotten a 4-year degree, this will be a chance for me to learn more about fashion and design, so I am both nervous and excited. I will also be blogging about my studies and my projects– but don’t worry this will always be a lingerie blog.

More news! Given how much I enjoyed my DMU short course, I am going to be attending a second one in July, on DD+ bra pattern drafting. I’m so excited to take this class and I will also be spending time in London in July to cover the boutiques and brands I didn’t get to last time.

FIT Portfolio Illustration 1

I am also leaving my full time job– today is officially my last day! This summer, I’m going to be working on my blog and preparing for my course, so look for a lot more ‘What I Made’ posts as well as some NYC boutique reviews. I will also likely start having advertising and affiliate links on the site because making some money from the blog will really help the situation when I’m a student again! Don’t worry, I’ll write you all a post if and when that happens so you know the deal.

Who knows, you may be seeing the Lingerie Lesbian’s own line sooner rather than later! (Not that soon. I’m still just a blogger).

  1. Yay, this is such exciting news! Congratulations, and I hope you have an amazing time! I also hope one day to own the green set in your sketch at the top, but baby steps. :)

  2. Yay! This is so, so cool! I am very happy for you, hope you make the best of all your courses and plans. I will be waiting to see every bit of your work! And I hope we have the time to drink some coffee at Leicester, maybe :)

    Your drawing looks so cute! I hope it gets even better when you start studying!

  3. Oh wow! I wish you the best of luck and I’m quite interested in hearing updates. I’ve always appreciated that you take time to relate what you’re saying to those of us with fuller busts even though that isn’t your own experience, and looking into larger cup drafting seems to fit right in with that. I am sure women of all sizes will benefit from having you working in this market.

    If you ever want to make a killer blog giveaway, you could invite us to give you our own drawings and make your favourite into a real bra for the winner. (Hint, hint)

    Also, I want the green one. It’s exactly the shade I’ve been wanting, and it looks great with high-waisted underwear.

  4. That is such exciting news! I attended that course myself last year, highly recommended. And “just” a blogger? I can’t think of any better way to promote your own brand, or any better skill than having that level of passion! Look forward to seeing your journey as you develop, this is the beginning of some exciting times for sure!

  5. Great news! I’m sure you’ll do great and look forward to to see, probably even purchase, some of your future designs as well as learn about your new adventures.
    Hope you’ll still be able to maintain the social commentary and artsy sides of this fine blog.

  6. That’s awesome, congrats! Let me know when you’re in London, maybe this time we could meet seeing how much that attempt failed last time you were here!

  7. Well done you ! I got this on my phone earlier but it was a faff to reply, now I am at home with a keyboard ! Otherwise I would have been one of the first to say Congratulations , well done, and now it begins :-) , you will look back and wonder why you didn’t do it earlier :-) xx

  8. Big congrats! Looks like you’ve got a wonderful summer ahead of you- and a fantastic year after that. Amazing drawings – no wonder you got accepted! I love the little flags detail on the second one.

  9. What great news! I seriously wish you the best in this endeavor and can’t wait to see your line come out, I bet it’s going to be amazing!

  10. Congratulations, I am so psyched to read about your next adventures! I adore the first sketch, I’m desperate for a green set but I’m waiting to find the perfect one…

  11. I’m glad to hear this news! Ever since you started posting your own designs and creations I was wondering if you would choose this sort of path =)

    Let us know when you begin commissioning pieces!

  12. I just finished the AAS and I’m planning on specializing in intimates for my BFA! It’ll be exciting to see you around campus :)

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