The Art of Lingerie: Lingerie for Edgar Degas’s Ballerinas

The Art of Lingerie is back and this week I’m featuring Edgar Degas! Degas is an artist that’s easy to love and really has just been waiting to be paired with lingerie. The delicate, ethereal way he portrayed ballerinas on and off stage, as well as their costumes, makes his work a rich source of lingerie inspiration.

I chose to focus on his works that show ballerinas on stage because of the beauty of his rendering of the layers of tulle and rich coloring of the costumes. Let me know what you think!

Dancers Bending Down (The Ballerinas)

Dancers Bending Down (The Ballerinas)

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 10.35.02 PM

Angela Friedman – Playful Promises – HoneyCooler Handmade

Angela Friedman Sascha Overbust Corset ($890)

Playful Promises Peach Frilly Knickers (£10.00)

HoneyCooler Handmade Camisole ($220)

I chose to include this first painting, “Dancers Bending Down” because of the delicate yellow tutus of the dancers. Given Angela Friedman’s background as a costumer for the ballet, it only makes sense that her amazing yellow corset is the first piece of lingerie that fits perfectly with Degas’ work. The Playful Promises frilly knickers have a playful look that makes them appropriate for leaping about in your bedroom like it’s a stage in a ballet theatre. I included the HoneyCooler Handmade chemise because although it doesn’t have the shaping of a ballet costume, the vintage, pieced-together look reminded me of the layers of tulle in a ballet costume and the attention to detail.

Les danseuses roses, Avant le ballet

Les danseuses roses, avant le ballet

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 10.52.25 PM

Chantal Thomass – Lascivious – Love Me Sugar

Chantal Thomass Balconette ($238.34) and Culottes ($185.08)

Lascivious  Raspberry Kitty Bra (£89)

Love Me Sugar La Madeleine Sleep Mask ($88.97)

I included this painting of these three dancers because of the irresistible raspberry color of their tutus. The orange and pink Chantal Thomass set is a little more saucy than demure, but given how short tutus were in comparison to respectable skirt lengths at the time, I think the combination is more apt than it might seem today. This amazing Lascivious bra (well, the whole set really) has been dying for a tutu comparison and now that I see it, I can’t help but want a tutu for my boobs. For a sweeter piece that’s sure to give you ballet dreams, the Love Me Sugar sleep mask is a perfect sleepwear touch.



Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 10.37.59 PM

Fifi Chachnil – Ohhh Lulu – Minuit Douze

Fifi Chachnil Noctabule set ( €68- €225)

Ohhh Lulu Pink Satin Bra and Panties Set ($89)

Minuit Douze Gracie Bloomers ($91)

The last piece I chose, L’etoile, is one of Degas’ most well known and reproduced paintings. The focus on the dancer, the star, at the exact moment when all adoring eyes are turned to her is a subject that is almost impossible to turn away from. I look at this painting and I think how easy it is to yearn to be that star, that girl in the middle of a giant stage taking all the attention for oneself, even if it is only briefly.

This Fifi Chachnil set is already styled to look like a ballet costume, I don’t know how I could resist it! The fluffy short petticoat is sure to draw all the attention. The soft pink of the Ohhh Lulu set is not as bold as the other two pieces, but delicately shines in its own way. The Minuit Douze bloomers are another attention-grabber, with the gorgeous combination of white and rose and the puffy trim that evokes a dancer’s tutu.

What do you think– don’t Degas and lingerie go together well?

  1. Aha! This is one post I was looking forward to and also actively lobbied for. I’m delighted you published it, as once again you did a great job pairing classic art with the contemporary art of lingerie.
    The price range of the selected items is also great as quite a few of them are very affordable and I’m already eyeing the Ohhh Lulu Pink Satin Bra and Panties Set.

    I sure hope this post will generate more comments and ratings from what seems to be a fairly slow start, as it truly the deserves the attention and appreciation of artists and lingeristas alike!!!

    Thanks for doing this. I know it consumes much of your time and energy, and I sure hope there will be enough incentive and justification to write similar posts in the future.

  2. Definitely some show stoppers here! The pieces you’ve picked out match beautifully with Degas. There’s something dreamy and lush about the way he paints that sets a perfect mood in which to showcase lingerie. And I absolutely adore that last pair of frilly knickers!

  3. As a ballet dancer (well – burlesque ballet dancer, after a little injury…) and an art lover, Degas paintings is something I would love to fill my walls with – if I had just a bit more cash in my mattress… 😉 The lingerie sets really fit his paintings, and those Minuit Douze Gracie Bloomers made me drool over my Mac Book. Want to wear those together with my pointe shoes – and nothing else – and dance wildly through my house! 😀 xox

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