My 5 Favorite Bra Brands for Small Busts

Because I’m smaller busted than the majority of lingerie bloggers out there, I have a special interest in making sure my small-busted compatriots can find pretty bras. Although everyone has there own particular needs and styles, below are my 5 favorite bra brands for small busts. Although I’ve tried several of them, I’ve also gotten recommendations from other small busted friends. If you have any of your own favorites, let me know!



I haven’t personally tried the Dutch lingerie brand Timpa, but I have heard amazing things about them. They are especially suited to A and B cups, although they can also fit a AA because of the stretch cups. I adore this new orange color– so fun for summer. Size range: 32A-38C (band runs one size small). EDIT: I tried Timpa & loved it. Read my review here.

The Little Bra Company


The Little Bra Company makes its mission pretty clear in its name: it makes little bras. I’ve heard that depending on the shape of your bust, these bras may or may not work for you, but if you wear an A/AA or B, The Little Bra Company offers many padded and push-up bras suited for smaller sizes. Size Range: 28-38 A, 28-36 B, 28- 34 C

Lula Lu Petites


I’m a fan of Lula Lu Petites for smaller sizes because they make simple, stylish bras that don’t relay too much on padding or are too fancy for everyday wear. The bra above is one of my favorites because it’s looks so easy to wear. Size range: 32AA-36B

Meg at Midnight


Meg at Midnight is a luxury lingerie brand that is especially designed for small busts. I adore the Art Deco style and the delicate lace– I would love to try her beautiful designs some day! Size range: 30B-C, 32-34AA-C.

Mimi Holliday


Mimi Holliday is one of my favorite lingerie designers ever. The styles really suit a shallow shape and the lace and silk combinations are diverse and utterly charming. Size range: 28B-30FF, 32B-34E, 36A-36DD, 38B-40C

So, guys, what do you think? Are there any of you small busted ladies out there who have a favorite brand that I’ve missed? Please leave it in the comments!

  1. Mimi Holliday is probably my favorite brand right now! I haven’t tried the others that you’ve listed, but I’m really interested. I love the designs on the Meg at Midnight site. I also love my Agent Provocateur bras since they run smaller too, but I definitely find myself reaching for my Mimi ones more often.

    • Yeah, AP is a good one also– I’ve found that they work really well on me & do run small. Mimi is my number 1 choice for comfort and style! I love how padded the wires are, also.

  2. The trouble is that they look so divinely flimsy that I’m fighting the wish that I had smaller breasts! Work your advantages, smaller breasted ladies, and wear these lovely lacey scraps! I will go look at some larger sized lingerie to soothe my jealous breast(s) :)

      • Great! Looking forward to it! (And just to clarify, I meant that smaller breasts have their style advantages just as large breasts have theirs, but I wrote it carelessly, so the meaning came out wrong… oops.)

      • I look forward to reading your post about bras for women with fuller busts! As a petite woman with large breasts, it can be very hard to find bras that fit well but still look cute and sexy!

  3. I’m so glad you included Meg At Midnight, the designs are so thoughtful and beautiful. Meg actually writes for me at Lingerie Stylist and it is great having the perspective of a small cup designer (and wearer)… I only wish my bust was small enough to fit in them!

  4. My go-to brand is Elle Macpherson Intimates and her Obsidian line… they have a mix of really practical but pretty bras, and absolutely gorgeous fancier bras. Also not too expensive (at least in Australia).

    My favourite thing about being small breasted is being able to wear bralettes and wire-free bras that are lacy, “impratical” (pffff) and sooo pretty… which our fuller busted sisters miss out on! Also being able to not wear a bra and just wear really pretty undies – so cute!

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  8. I LOVE Lua Lu bras, and actually they are also available in AAA sizes, along with AA and A. I love that, because they are the only site I have found that offers AAA, and they all have amazing reviews. :)

    • Thanks for your comment! I didn’t even know they made AAA sizes– I’ll definitely keep that in mind :)

  9. Always nice to see stuff for the small busted amongst us. I googled in while trying to find a reasonably priced, practical, daily-wear bra in my size. (hoping for a Christmas miracle??) It’s almost impossible to find stuff without the padded/push-up/you-should-be-bigger aesthetic. I like my body the way it is, thanks!

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions!!! I am constantly searching out small size options. I don’t like to wear underwire so the search is that much more difficult. I will check back with results soon!!!

  11. Just found this post and wanted to let you know about Lailides – also specifically designed for small-chested ladies. Our bras are unpadded, super comfy, sexy and sophisticated.

  12. A good branded bra always fits perfectly and enhances the appearance of a woman. Unhealthy style of wearing bras can lead to bigger problems.

  13. Thank you for this article! I was Googling good bras for small chests and tried reading a Good Housekeeping article first. I got through 7 of their 13 suggestions and only two started at 32A, several didn’t even come in A cups at all, and there wasn’t a single mention of AA. So I left and came to you. I can’t wait to try it some of these brands!

  14. I’m going to need to buy a design from Meg at Midnight. Just the sophisticated yet alluring undergarments I was looking for! My wallet says ouch, but my petite breasts will say thank you, I’m sure of it!

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  18. I’ve finally found some bras that fit from Lula Lu and Vs Secret,, but I’m having a really hard time with finding teddies. I lift weights and because of this my back is wider, so I wear a 36aa, which makes shopping hard. Most teddies come in one size fits all or small, medium, and large. My cup size puts me in a small and being 36 puts me in a medium. Any suggestions?

  19. Mimi Holliday/Damaris is a favorite of mine, and so is Lula Lu. Both have bras that really fit small busts the way they should. Great post!

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  22. I’m a 32b and my fav brands are Princesse Tam Tam, Epure by Lise Charmel, Eres, Yse. They make understated, classy, pretty and feminine triangle see through/lacy bras. I also own a few very comfy wireless bras from the GAP for everyday wear.

  23. Unfortunately I don’t think any of these carried 28D (most started at 30B). :( I’d suggest Wacoal or B’Tempted for anyone looking for smaller band sizes!

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