Hey, Look What I Made: Black and Pink Rose Lace Balconette Bra

Rose Lace Bra

I love sewing bras, but I’ve been a little disappointed with how they were turning out. Happily, a little more practice later and I’ve finally made a bra I actually like. (It might also be because the lace was so pretty I was deathly afraid of messing it up!)

Rose Lace Bra Making
The reason I decided to make a darted lace cup is because of the absolutely gorgeous Italian lace I bought on Etsy. I wanted to put the lovely lace flowers front and center, which is why I chose to pair it with the dusky rose color.
Rose Lace Bra Making

Given that I’ve been using a host of different underwires, I ended up having to adjust the darted cup pattern I originally drafted to fit the slightly shallower underwire shape (it was still a 34B wire). It was also a challenge to make sure the lace on both sides matched! Switching around underwires all the time is definitely testing my drafting skills (and patience).
Rose Lace Bra making
Here you can see how I lined the stretch silk charmeuse with a black net to make sure I had a solid, supportive cradle. My topstitching is really a weak point (made all the more obvious by the black on pink) but I believe it is improving, which is the important thing.
The lace was ultimately a little too delicate to be used for the entire cup, but I didn’t want to line it in black because it would lose the clarity of the pattern on skin. This lace certainly wouldn’t stand up to the weight of a larger bust– next time I might try lining it in a pink net in order to not lose the gorgeous lace pattern, but still offer more support.
If I were to make this bra again, I would definitely think about including a side sling to increase the amount of control and make this less of a ‘boudoir only’ bra. I also always seem to have trouble including enough wire play! I need to remember to leave extra in my patterns because there is something about the way I construct my bras that means that everything except the wire channelling is patterned correctly!
What I love about having made this bra is that it really celebrates its materials– isn’t that rose lace perfect?

  1. Caro, this is so beautiful! Really, really amazing. I have my thoughts divided between “I need this bra” and “I hope I get to make such beautiful things after DMU”

  2. I know I’m not being very original, but I still feel obligated to echo what everyone else here has already stated: This is an amazing design and a marvelous execution!
    Your love and appreciation of lingerie is truly inspiring and it’s great to see the many creative ways you find to express it.

  3. This is gorgeous – I really love the pink! (and the lace is beautiful, of course)

    Can you share where you find your materials from? I’m from a tiny town, and a can find wires in my local sewing shops, but no materials that I feel are up to lingerie-standard. Any favourite online shops? (And where do you find your patterns?).

    So gorgeous, nicely done :)

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    • Thanks Hayley! I will probably try some sort of sheer pink lining next time to help with the support.

    • Thank you! I actually drafted this pattern myself– I don’t know of a commercially available pattern that makes this exact shape, unfortunately.

  5. Nice ! I am looking for a lingerie lover in US or UK who knows how to fit and make fitting comments for plus size bras.

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