Want of the Week: Knitty Kitty Aqua Cupcake Panty

Knitty Kitty Aqua Cupcake Panties, $27

Knitty Kitty Aqua Cupcake Panties, $27

Just showing you a picture of these Knitty Kitty panties should explain more than words can about why I am obsessed with them. I must admit, knitted knickers do not sound like the most practical of things (my butt has never really been cold enough to merit its own sweater) but the allure of turquoise and an intarsia knit cupcake is too much to resist. They just seem so cozy!

Oh, and lest I forget: the butt has stripes on it. How can anyone not want this cuteness on their body?

Let me know what you think– feel free to disagree strongly.

  1. I’m so on the fence about these, but it’s an acrylic/nylon blend so it would be more like those really thin sweaters than, say, a wool knit which I’d worry about for all sorts of reasons. On the other hand they look like they would be really fun to make.

  2. I was also relieved to find out they’re not made of wool and may get those to wear as an additional layer over a lighter silky brief of some sort during freezing conditions, as part of my “lingerie layering” philosophy.
    After all not all of us live in NYC and will never get used to inhumane cold weather conditions:-)

  3. Wouldn’t they be kind of thick and make you look like you’re wearing a diaper? Nope, these would not work for me. Also, I prefer natural fabrics to synthetics for my undies.

  4. OMG, super cute and totally comfy on those cold winter nights, but I don’t think my husband would dig them too much!

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