My Corset Adventures: Where I am Model, Photographer, Picnic-er and Princess


Corsetry is a subject that I am really excited to be learning more about this year, starting with acquiring my first real corset. I love the fascinating mechanics of corsets that create an hourglass figure, as well as as the history of how it created a desirable figure according to the fashion of the time.

behind the scenes small

Behind the Scenes- Photo by Sean Beach

I am lucky enough to know Angela Friedman, who makes fabulous lingerie and corsetry and was looking for someone to participate in a ‘special corset project’. We managed to figure out an arrangement wherein I paid for my beautiful corset in part by doing my very best posing and agreeing to be on her Etsy page. My modeling could clearly do with some work, but I think we can all agree there is a reason there are professionals who do this.


My beautiful corset is the most expensive piece of lingerie I own, but boy is it beautiful and sturdy and makes me feel stunning. I love the Edwardian shape and the sweet ivory ruffles. I didn’t expect how comfortable it would be, but I wore it all day for a picnic and except for the discomfort caused by eating more cake and biscuits than anyone ought to, it was relatively easy to wear. Of course, your options for how to position yourself are more limited, but you certainly look more picturesque when you do it.


Photo by Sean Beach

I met a little girl in the park who was so taken with my corset that she said I looked like a princess! I thought it was adorable, but it was also interesting that she connected the hourglass shape of the corset with princesses– and an idea worth exploring another time. On a more superficial note, her comment inspired me to go home and take a lot of photos of me being a princess in a tower (waiting for my other princess to come rescue me, of course).


I’m only just a corset beginner, but I am reading Corset: A Cultural History by Valerie Steele (which is fascinating so far) and I do plan to make my own corset this summer! You will get more corset updates soon, just you wait.

caro1 rectangle

Photo by Sean Beach

This is really a photo-heavy post, which I hope you enjoy! I am planning to crystallize my thoughts about corsets in a more coherent post soon— I’ve been thinking a lot about the way corsets have been vilified in combination with the issues with prevalent idea that in the past everyone was so much tinier and a different shape in the past without actually considering how that shape was achieved.


What do you think? Isn’t my new corset lovely?

  1. Beyond lovely. I was so happy to get to see it in the flesh! With your hair down like that, you do quite resemble a brunette Rapunzel :)

    PS Look at you, miss model thang. Those pictures look awesome!

  2. I am absolutely taken aback by your beauty and we certainly both share a love for corsetry! If you have any others I would LOVE to see them! I’m a professional, formally trained photographer and I would LOVE to shoot you in your corsets if you are ever in my area. Let me know if you ever come to Boston.

  3. I am SO excited for your new journey! You’re wise in taking your time and carefully learning about them first and getting used to them! There have been other bloggers sharing wrong information as if they’re an expert despite not understanding ANYTHING about corsets at all, wearing them upside down even! Anyway, feel free to join us at The Tightlacing Society on Facebook. We’re super awesome and we love to teach others 😀

    • Thanks so much, KathTea! I am definitely a beginner and certainly don’t know much about tightlacing as yet– I’m more interested from a historical than a body modification perspective, but both parts have a lot of cool parts. I hope I’ll be able to learn more and highlight some real experts.

  4. all the gorgeousness! plus I love the white tulle skirt!
    Awesome work, all of you. The corset fits perfectly and provides such a nice posture.
    Plus I’m a fan of your hair <3

  5. Well, here’s a opinion from someone who’s been modeling for about 3 years: you look amazing. There’s no need of gorgeous posing, super skinny body or ultra high heels to be a stunning model. Your eyes really tell how into the character you were at the moment, and it really feels dreamy and kind of like a princess, I must admit! Loved it. Amazing work, I must congratulate you and everyone from Angela Friedman!

  6. That is such a pretty corset and you look great it in! I’d just like to add that Valerie Steel’s book on corsets is brilliant – I’ve used it for both undergraduate and postgraduate research and it is a in depth study of both the technicalities of corsets (changing shape, materials etc.) and the personal and historical significance of them (of what they signified, what kind of women wore what kind of corsets, sexualisation etc.) You’re in for a treat in other words! And keep up the great blog posts, you have quickly become one of my favourite bloggers.

    • I am reading Valerie Steele’s book right now and it is fantastic! There is so much good stuff in there and I appreciate some good, solid academic research, which can often be lacking in lingerie books!

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