Mark Your Calendars! Arabelle Sicardi and I Are Hosting a Little Online Lingerie Party on Saturday


Bums by Laura Makabresku

Do you love talking about lingerie? Do you love listening to people talk about lingerie? If so, you’re in luck! Arabelle Sicardi (from the blog Fashion Pirate & much other awesomeness) and I will be having a Google Hangout on Saturday and talking all about lingerie.

We are planning on talking about lingerie, feminism, fashion and we’ll try to stop ourselves going on a bunch of nerdy, fashion tangents. We’ll even be including some tips on where we like to get our favorite lingerie!

Here are the details:

The Google+ Hangout will be happening live from 3-4PM EST on Saturday March 30th and I’ll be posting it to the blog (you can also watch on YouTube).

We have topics we already want to talk about, but if you have anything you would love for us to chat about, we’ll be using the hashtag #lingeriehangout to keep track of questions and conversations leading up to and during the hangout! (You can also leave comments)

If you can’t watch live, it’ll be recorded for eternity on the internet :). Who knows what will happen! If we have enough fun and enough of you guys watch it, we might even do it again.

Will you be watching? Let me know!


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