Around the World in Lingerie: South America

Given the overrepresentation of lingerie featured on this blog from Europe and North America, I thought I would try to diversify my lingerie searches and focus on one continent at a time (excluding Antarctica, of course!). Last week, I highlighted some African lingerie brands, and this week my focus is on lingerie from across South America. Enjoy!

Marjorey Black Body, $55

Marjorey Lingerie is a brand that I have long loved from Etsy. They’re a Uraguyan brand that makes their lingerie by hand and has some gorgeous designs. The black bodysuit about is one of my favorites because of its stylishness and simplicity.

Maryori Coello Miss Cupcake Boudoir Corset

Mayori Coello is a corset designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the coral stripes! The pink leopard trim is not my favorite, but overall, it’s so cute.

Ellipse Robe, $141

I don’t know much about the Colombian company Ellipse Lingerie, but they do seem seem to have some lovely designs. The purple lace bra and the knit robe are one of my favorites and look very soft and luxe.

Agua Bendita Umbrellas Bra and Panties

The fun pattern on this Agua Bendita set makes me want one! I love the vintage umbrella illustrations. This lingerie doesn’t seem to be available to buy online, but if you happen to be in Colombia, make sure to pick some up!  


Jane Pain

Jane Pain is an Argentinian label, designed in London by Argentinean designer Patricia Salinas. I really like her unusual designs and interesting trimmings– aren’t those frilly cups fun?

One thing I found when researching South American lingerie brands is that although there are a ton of them, there aren’t many doing anything other than molded bras with lace overlay. To me, without any more information about superior fit, those don’t catch my attention at all.

Another challenge was the truly dreadful technology of whoever built their websites. Everything is in flash, they have music and videos that start automatically, billions of slideshows, weird tabs and strange ways of searching. It was like they were trying to give me a headache! Let this be a lesson to all of you: if some web developer wants to sell in plenty of extras, please, please don’t do it. And flash is over, you guys. Plain, clickable images, text, comprehensible links and a sensible site structure is all you need.

Please let me know if you are aware of other South American brands that I should know about– I love learning about more designers.

What do you think of these designs? Do you think that the South American designers have a unique point of view?

  1. I was excited to see what you had to say about the South America, since I live here. And well, I saw exactly what I see everyday (although I live in Brazil): nothing that really catches my eye. The brazilian bra sizes are another terrible issue, but thankfully not the focus on your post. I guess I’ll just stick to the the other parts of the world (and maybe try to make it better when I learn it all hahah)

    • Awww, I’m sad there’s nothing that catches your eye! But I did find that it was overall very similar, without anything too innovative– Marjorey is thinking the most outside the box. Thanks for your comment :). I look forward to you revolutionizing the South American lingerie scene!

      • Yes, I do think they are somewhat beauftiful, and I have a nice time shopping for pieces around here (ok, this is totally irrelevant since I would have a nice time shopping for lingerie anywhere) but they could be better. Anyway, this is very cultural, to be honest. We don’t have the same “dress code” then the rest of the world, specially because of the weather, and I guess this shows in lingerie as well. I hope I have the ways to start this revolution! 😀

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing my work among such beauties.
    I must say colombian lingerie is probably the best in shape, quality and beauty but furtunately -for me- in Argentina the popularity of this kind of retro pretty lingerie is increasing.
    I consider myself a fan of Majo Rey lingerie so it’s nice to be featured with her in this post.

  3. I’m loving this Aroundthe World series! One brand I’d suggest is Clo — we sell the brand at Journelle actually. The designer is Colombian but recently moved to NYC though the lingerie is still made in Colombia. I got my girlfriend a set by them for her birthday and it fits beautifully!

  4. I remember reading some 20 years ago an article in the New York Times about lingerie in Argentina, describing how important it is to the locals and how common it is. In fact so common that women, at least back then, used to wear silky night gowns and other lingerie items as an outer wear.

    Beyond highlighting few designers in a certain locale I’ll be very interested to know what lingerie means in the specific continent/region you’re writing about, provided that’s possible. And speaking of, if you ever plan on writing about lingerie in the Middle East then I’ll be glad to help you with some pointers.

    Long live “Lingerie Without Borders!”

    • I would love to feature articles about the meaning of lingerie in different parts of the world, but I certainly wouldn’t feel qualified to talk about anything but my own experience. Perhaps if someone else felt like they had a compelling perspective they could write a guest post.

      The Middle East is definitely an area I’m thinking of, feel free to leave me a few names!

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