Trend of the Week: Long Gowns

After I was interviewed for Autostaddle’s Straddler on the Street, I got a fantastic comment from Launa asking for a post on long gowns for tall people who want something that will actually cover them– happily I’ve been seeing a ton of gorgeous long nightgowns recently, so this is a perfect time to talk about them! I’ve selected a range of gowns that I wish I had the inches and the panache to pull off!

Fleur of England Rose Silk Gown £365

This delicate Fleur of England gown is so beautiful. One thing I love about the color is that it feels like it could be fitting for someone of any age and the sheer lace top is surprisingly sexy.

Rosamosario Rosso Disera lace-appliquéd silk-chiffon chemise $414

This Rosamosario chemise is incredibly grand and majestic and gorgeous. Black and gold might be dramatic, but if you want to sweep into your bedroom with elegance and authority, this is clearly what you should be wearing.

Donna Karan Cutout matte-satin chemise $160

This Donna Karan chemise is actually one of my favorites on this list. It’s simple, but lovely shape that’s more clearly than modern than some of the other picks. The fabric also looks metallic, which is such a cool effect.

Soma Embraceable Cool Nights Delicate Long Gown $79

I love this baby blue Soma gown! It’s so sweet, while still sophisticated. Definitely a summer nightgown to wear with a sheer robe!

La Lilouche Delia Silk Maxi Gown $188.00

I’ve been crushing on La Lilouche’s maxi gowns for a while and this red wine color is fantastic. This might not be for the person who wants full coverage, but it’s beautiful.

Julianna Rae Le Tresor Silk Gown $230

Julianna Rae’s gown is one of the most traditional here, but that definitely gives some vintage, Cat on The Hot Tin Roof sex appeal.

Marika Vera SAM SUEDE Long Gown $540.00

This Marika Vera gown is so modern and sharp that I wish I could wear it to a fancy dress occasion. And that dark gunmetal gray color is so unusual for lingerie, I really love it.

Shell Belle Seduce Me Gown £225.00

The photo of this Shell Belle gown makes me fall in love with it every time I see it. Doesn’t wear a sheer gown, sailing and drinking champagne sound just about perfect? Definitely a top bridal pick.

No matter what I said about not being able to wear long gowns because of my shortness, I think I’ve talked myself into it! There are way too many pretties for me to be left out.

What do you think? Do you like long gowns? Do you want to start wearing them?

  1. Oooh…. so many gorgeous options to choose from! I absolutely love the Fleur of England and Marika Vera gowns! Excellent choices 😀

  2. As I was a teenager, I gave up on any kind of sleeping gown, long or short. I wore only pants and shirt for the cold days and shirt for the hot ones. This year I bought two of them, but I still miss a long gown! Your post gave me some ideas on what I should look for, thanks!

  3. Thank you so much! I love them all. I just wish I had the money. But something to save for, huh? 😀 I particularly adore the first and last gown.

    Also, thank you so much for taking the time to compile these. It’s nice to have real, sexy, soft options for when I’m feeling leg-conscious. It meant a lot to me that you were willing to help.

  4. Always felt I was too petite and short waisted for long gowns but am saving my pennies for Shell Belle…ORRRR maybe I’ll purchase it for my partner…love your posts <3 <3

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