Lingerie Review: BodyRock Sport Sophie Bra

_MG_7575Right after I featured BodyRock Sport on the blog, the founder Kelly Dooley contacted me to see if I wanted to meet her and see the rest of her collection and I immediately responded enthusiastically. I loved seeing all of the cool and aggressive designs she has and see how Kelly embodies her own aesthetic so perfectly! _MG_7582The thing about BodyRock‘s designs is that they are not my usual aesthetic (I tend to go for more delicate designs) but I really love the bold attitude that goes so well with being a BodyRock-style athlete. Kelly offered me the Sophie bra to try and I was definitely very excited to give this crazy, flowery sports bra a try. _MG_7581I was definitely the most exciting person in my exercise class, let me tell you. Besides from the obvious good looks of the flower pattern on this bra, the seaming made it look much more attractive than those bras that really act to flatten the whole chest area. It was also incredibly comfortable! Having the zipper in the front made a huge difference to me because I have relatively large shoulders to my smaller bust, so I am always struggling to get sports bras on and off. I really don’t think I will ever go back to a sports bra that doesn’t zip or at least hook. I loved the thick fabric– it felt very secure and definitely possible to wear without a shirt over it (if I’m feeling brave). _MG_7576All in all, I love rocking my flowery Sophie bra all the time. This bra is comfortable and bold and a little eccentric–what could be better?

Sophie Bra c/o BodyRock Sport


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