Hey, Look What I Made: Navy Eyelash Lace Chemise


Over the weekend I swore I was actually going to sew something because I hadn’t been able to make anything in a couple weeks and my sewing machine was missing me. In fact, I was going to sew a corset, as I had a kit I’d ordered from SewCurvy a few months ago but still hadn’t had the guts to try out yet. I’m sorry to report that those guts are still pending– after reviewing all of the steps, I decided that this was a project I had to start at the beginning of a weekend, not on Sunday night. Oops.


Instead, I made this navy lace chemise, with triangle cups I drafted when I was at DMU and the rest a very basic column shape. What I really need is a model to wear it for you guys because it looks much better on a person than on a hanger, but it’s a little too see-through for me to wear for you myself.

Navy Lace Chemise

As you can see, this is the same lace I used to make a bodysuit a few months ago, so I have a nice little mini-collection going on. I’m happy to report that despite early differences, my sewing machine and I are becoming best of friends. I do think that using myself as a mannequin and fit model is getting a little difficult and I may have to invest in at least a mannequin that I can poke with pins with abandon._MG_7617One of my favorite parts about it is the low back. Isn’t the lace gorgeous?

New sewing adventures coming soon! I’m working on redrafting a wired bra pattern to fit new wires I bought and I hope to be able to show you a new set next week! I’m very excited about this next one.

  1. Simply Beautiful. Congrats to you for sticking with it. I started on a line over the summer, but when I lost my model, whom I was creating everything for, I all but gave up. Keep experimenting and showing! I can’t wait to see more.

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