Spring Pajama Time! My Favorite PJs, Part 2

So, I know I just did a post about my favorite pajamas a few months ago (wait– I guess 5 months isn’t that recently), and I realized that I’ve been seeing so many completely adorable spring PJs out there that it just isn’t fair to keep them all to myself. I just bought a pair of Eberjey pajamas which I will be reviewing shortly, and it’s really gotten me in the pajama mood.

Eberjey Coastal Stripes Shorty PJ Set, $132

I currently have this Eberjey pyjama set in pink and I would actually live in it if I cute. It’s so soft and comfy and yet the collar makes me feel so put together (for pajamas). I think the sailor stripes are the perfect pattern for some summer pajama lounging.

Three J NYC Jamie Pajama Set, $106

I only just discovered Three J NYC pajamas and I think we’re going to have to get a lot closer very soon. I absolutely adore the lime green polka dots and the fabric seems perfect and breezy for hot summer nights.

Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin Pajamas, $69.50

Victoria’s Secret may do a lot of things wrong, but there is one thing they do right: pajamas. I’ve owned about half a dozen Victoria’s Secret pajamas over the years and they are always comfortable and attractive. Their only downfall is being shrunk in the wash, which I have a bad habit of doing.

Juicy Couture Josie Dot Sateen PJ top ($68) and shorts ($52)

My first thought when I saw this was, “Polka dots!” My second thought was that I really needed these Juicy Couture PJs. I think the blue and yellow color combo is so summery and fun, it’s fantastic.

Ari Dein Boutique Hotel Demi Pajamas, $316.80

I love Ari Dein’s silk pajamas and this sky blue color is lovely. Unfortunately these are kind of incredibly out of an imaginable price range, but a girl can dream right?

Equipment Liliane printed washed-silk pajama set $388

Who wouldn’t want a pair of pajamas covered in cartoon bunnies and mushrooms? These Equipment PJs might give you strange dreams with the haunting smiles of mushrooms, but the cuteness is worth it.

Tatiana’s Threads Gray PJ Top ($25) and Boyshorts ($25)

I just discovered Tatiana’s Threads on Etsy and I think this PJ set is very cute! Heather gray and ruffles always make me happy.


What do you think of my PJ picks? Would you wear them for summer?

  1. I love them all….

    My one comment? If you’re going to spend $132 on a pair of PJs (the Eberjey set) why the heck doesn’t the pattern line up on the shorts and top where it buttons?? It’s a little distracting to the eye.

  2. These are all fine choices and I’m also gravitating towards the pricy Ari Dein set, although it will have to remain nothing but a dream.
    Couple questions for you as well as “the collective you”:

    1. One of the issues I have with most pajamas are the collars which are often made too big so when I’m laying on my side, which is how I usually sleep, they tend to fall on my cheek and ear and drive me crazy. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    2. The VS PJ you mention here are made of satin, yet you warn us they shrink after a wash. Is this an issue you had with this particular set or only cotton ones?


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