Want of the Week: Fleur of England Jasmine Set

So, I have this love-hate thing with Fleur of England: love their designs, hate that I can never afford it. Every season I find a new piece to sigh over– but this Jasmine collection might be the one that forces me to take the plunge because I cannot imagine my life without it. The lace! The sheerness! I am just going to melt to the floor in raptures for a little while, don’t mind me.

Fleur of England Jasmine Balcony Bra, Suspender and Thong

This is really the perfect wedding set, don’t you think? Nothing too complicated, but also totally special and beautiful.

Fleur of England Jasmine Brief

Fleur of England Jasmine Boudoir Guipure Bra ( £98) and Brief ( £99)

I think of all the pieces in the Jasmine range, these briefs are my absolute favorite. I love the unusual shape of the lace pieces and how it looks like it’s resting on bare skin.

Fleur of England Jasmine Boudoir Guipure Bra ( £98) and Brief ( £99)

That soft boudoir bra is so delightful– perfect for us small-busted ladies (and I almost never say that about soft bras because I love underwire!)

Fleur of England Jasmine Guipure babydoll £275.00

As usual, the babydoll is amazing– I would be a little uncertain to buy it though, as I had bad luck with sizing before when I tried the babydoll. I’m hoping some of my local lingerie boutiques in NYC will have this set in stock so I can try it out!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you have a spectacular day & there is plenty of lingerie involved.

Update: Barney’s has the Jasmine boudoir bra and briefs for presale. I am hoping they get it in store too so I can try it on!

  1. Wow. You are right. The prices are way up there. If the lingerie was for my wedding, I wouldn’t mind spending that amount of money. What do you think?

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  3. The entire Jasmine set is a delight. I looked it up and saw the triangle bra comes in S, M and L. Good luck with the sizing!

  4. Perhaps this is horrific of me to say, but since they don’t market to me and my size range, I’ll go on and say it: looks like a fabulous line to knock off the design so I can remake it in a size that I can actually wear.
    Someday, couture lingerie really will have a designer who caters to women who cannot buy a bra with a label of S, M, or L.

    • There are many Etsy designers (such as Dottie’s Delights or La Lilouche) who do lovely things that will do custom sizes! For something like this it would actually be even be more expensive in larger sizes because of the cost of the materials. It’s actually hard to pattern a large range of sizes in something as particular as the custom lace.

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    These sets are so absolutely stunning! Too bad they’re only made for a fraction of the market, size-wise. Le sigh. Because I would totally pay those prices for these pieces.

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