Cute and Affordable: RUBY Black Lace Soft Cup Bra and Knickers

RUBY lace soft bra, $23

I just found this brand RUBY on Etsy and I instantly fell in love with this set. And then I saw the price and fell in love all over again.  I think that lace is absolutely gorgeous and I think those knickers with the broad elastic waistband are fabulous! I don’t really know too much about the designer except that her name is Robyn Lidsky from her website, but I’m especially happy to include this brand because it’s based in South Africa and I haven’t featured any other African lingerie designers on my blog– I really love to include designs from all over the world.

RUBY knickers, $18

You can see the lovely pattern of the lace even better on the mannequin– I love the scalloping and the sheerness. That broad waistband also looks extremely flattering.

RUBY bra and knickers

Here’s a photo of the set on the catwalk! I’m totally in love, this is such a gorgeous set. Isn’t this a perfect set at a great price?

  1. Totally happy to see a fellow South African with totally cute and interesting work featured, so disappointed to see her size range is typical to anything you could get at any major chain store, with bra sizes going by S, M, L..the biggest size covering the C-D cup range. Thank you for covering her nonetheless, great to see designers from non-European/American places.

    • Yeah, she has a pretty typical size range. If you know of any other good lingerie designers from South Africa, I’d love to hear about them! I’m afraid I only really know US/Europe/Australia (with a touch of Japan & Israel). I love to know about designers from all over the world!

      • Unfortunately I only know two companies, “Satin Candy” and “Storm In A G-Cup”, that import underwear aimed at the bigger ladies. Satin Candy didn’t carry my size (36E), though they have sweet and pretty items and Storm In A G Cup really unimpresses me, makes me sad to be big breasted. The Woolworths brand tends to have super comfortable, trustworthy and gorgeous pieces, though very expensive, and the Sequel brand (cheaper) also accommodates nicely, though unfortunately stores here no longer import larger sizes. Just in case you’re ever asked, there’s a run down.

  2. Hello lingerielesbian and thank you for the fabulous feature of our black lace soft bra and fabric band knickers – one of our signature designs! RUBY is based in Cape Town, South Africa and we have been designing and manufacturing lingerie for over a decade now.
    Re our size range it goes up to 38-40 / XL. Yes, it is typical due to the fact that our production runs are small as we source special fabrics in limited amounts and we find that the bulk of our sales are sizes 32-36. That said, our current aim is working on a new vintage inspired bra that does not require underwire but fits a bigger size curve. To date it has been successfully tested and we are in the process of perfecting it, watch this space for more! We would appreciate any feedback and comments re non wired bras bigger size curve. L o v e R u b y

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