Lingerie Review: Fifi Chachnil ‘Juste pour Toi’ Bra and Knickers


I have already raved about how much I love Fifi Chachnil. Her girly style just sends me into fits of joy and excitement. After stopping in the boutique in London, I heard I was just going to miss the post-Christmas sale! Luckily, I left them my email address and they let me know about all the adorable pieces that were going to be available. After I got back to NYC, they let me know that there were a few nice sets available in my size. Isn’t the packaging adorable? (As you may be able to tell, I love cute packaging).


The lingerie set itself is so pretty. The pink is brighter than I expected, but I love how rich the color is and it’s sheer with polka dots, one of my favorite combinations. Happily, although the fabric looks delicate, it feels quite hardy, so I definitely don’t feel afraid to wear this as a more everyday bra. One interesting thing about the Fifi Chachnil bra is how thin the underwires are compared to other bras that I’m used to. They’re actually quite flexible, which I find comfortable given that they don’t have to be particularly load-bearing for me. I find the fit perfect, and very true to size. The band seems firm, but time will tell whether it will stretch out quickly (I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t!)_MG_7280I’m usually not that keen on tiny rosettes, but I find them totally winning on this set because of how unironically girly and pink everything is. Rosettes are the perfect touch to make sure the bra doesn’t miss any opportunities for preciousness! And the ruffled edge is another lovely feature that I think especially flatters the small-busted among us.

Overall, I think I should let the pictures do the talking. A pink bra in perfect pink tissue paper is really a sight to behold isn’t it? This Fifi Chachnil set is just sweet as can be.

What do you think?

  1. I literally just said “OH MY GOD” to my computer. At the office. Where I sit in the hallway, surrounded by people. So, so, so, so pretty. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the dots line up perfectly on the ruffled trim? That . . . that’s really exceptional attention to detail.

    • Yes. Yes they do. The attention to detail is exceptional. And I have definitely done the ‘indrawn breath’ thing at my computer before and then pretended I was working on a complicated powerpoint, not looking at lingerie…

  2. Utterly adorable! I totally agree on the rosettes- usually a no no but just perfection here.. I’m rather jealous! And really love the thinner more delicate looking underwire.

    • I’m really happy about the fit! It’s extremely comfortable despite having boning at the connection of the cradle and the wing– which is something that sometimes bothers me because I sit all day. In this case I don’t even notice it! All in all, it’s very soft and it feels lovely on. I am definitely appreciating the more flexible underwires– I think I’m going to look out for that more.

  3. The only thing remotely lingerie-related I got recently was a heavy duty cotton pajama, just to make dure I survive the relatively mild Seattle winter.
    Looks like all those exotic frilly knickers you’ve been getting lately are all you need to get through the much nastier NYC weather.

    Wish I was that resilient!

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