{BodyRock Sport SS13: “City Girl”} Such a Perfect Hard Femme Collection


Truth is, I’m really not at all a “hard femme.” I’m the girliest, frilliest, most un-hard femme ever– but I always admire femmes who have that amazing look of tough femininity about them.

If you don’t know what ‘hard femme’ means (and if you aren’t queer, it’s likely you don’t), that’s okay– the best way I can explain it is a feminine presentation with hard spiky edges, someone who makes lipstick and high heels into warpaint and weapons.

The second I saw this BodyRock SS13 lookbook I knew it had ‘hard femme’ written all over it. I suppose because sports and working out are typically thought of as more masculine activities, sports bras and work-out gear tend to have more of a gender-bending, androgynous edge to them that is often missing in lingerie. I love the way this BodyRock collection seems to play with gender  in an interesting and specific way.

BodyRock2 BodyRock3 BodyRock4 BodyRock5 BodyRock6 BodyRock7 BodyRock8 BodyRock9 BodyRock10

What do you think? Those butterflies on the bra seem fierce enough to poke anyone who messes with you, don’t they?

  1. As a bra wearing guy I should love these since they are a bit more manly and could bring male bra wearing closer to publuc acceptance but they really don’t do it for me. Give me lace or give me death 😛

  2. Love them! This look book is very stylized and cool. Totally different approach for BodyRock! Their SS2013 Sand Girl look book is also dope! Shows the day-to-night versatility of the brand from two perspectives. <3

  3. Thank you once again for bringing to the front yet another unique perspective on lingerie, as well as images not often seen in this industry.

    I found the third picture in which the model is wearing the Alexis jacket along with the Love For All bra to be almost “Las Vegasy”, maybe the earrings contribute to this look. That said, it still has an edge as well as a hard finish (oh yes, those tummy muscles)

    Long live hard femmes, soft hommes, and everyone in between!

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